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I’ve had the same pairs of running socks for a long time now.  A loooong time.  I actually can’t remember when I first bought them, but I’m fairly certain it was before Dave and I were married.  So basically my socks are 4+ years old and I’ve worn them for hundreds and hundreds of miles.  I’ve been wishy-washy on buying new socks because my old ones worked just fine and I didn’t want to buy try different socks and get blisters or pay $8 a pair for some fancy new magic socks.  But last week my “good” socks – the ones without the golf-ball sized holes in them – started getting holes, too.  So I turned to old reliable Amazon to help me out and found these socks:


They got great reviews, were reasonably priced, New Balance is a reliable running company, you got six pairs instead of just one or two, and they came in fun colors!

I wore them for my run this morning and loved them.  In fact, I forgot I was wearing new socks unless I looked down and caught sight of them.  I think the mark of a good sock is one you don’t remember you’re wearing.  I would definitely recommend these – they’re lightweight and comfortable, tight without being constricting, and economical.

Leo and I covered just shy of 9 miles in them, at a 9:48 pace.  My last few runs with the stroller have all been sub-10min., which makes me happy.  I’d love to get all my stroller runs closer to 9:30 pace and my non-stroller runs at 9 or sub-9.  As I’m increasing my miles my pace is dropping, which is typically how I’ve gotten faster in the past.

What kind of running socks do you wear?


5 thoughts on “new socks

  1. Nice. I can only buy Asics or Feetures socks because all other brands get holes in them (all holes in the same spot = I run weird). I’m down to just a few pairs, and I’m in desperate need of new ones. I hate spending $15 on them.

    And holy cow – 9 miles with Leo! I’m excited to do 6 with the stroller.

  2. I LOVE my Balega socks. They are on the pricier side but they work. Now if only I could find a sports bra that I liked. My “go-to” bra for long miles is losing it’s elastic fast!

  3. Nice pace!

    I have had my fave socks for YEARS too! They have holes in them so I used some birthday money to order a pair of the ankle height Asics Hera ones (I like Asics). I think I will order these too!!!! Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  4. I’ve never used official “running socks” – just my normal everyday socks and I’ve never had any issues with them. I guess since I’ve never had running socks I must not know what I’m missing! Yours look cute and fun!

  5. i forgot to mention at lunch the other day that i started running again. totally need new socks. wish we could be running buddies! so good to be with you this week!

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