if you like it…

Four years ago Dave and I got engaged.  We celebrated Sunday night with a date night together.  Today will be less romantic – I’m in the office all day and Dave is home with Leo – but I’ll be sure to listen to our song a few times.  Four years ago Dave wrote this song and sang it to me before he proposed.


Favorite song and favorite guy.

Last year’s engagement anniversary part 1 and part 2.


6 thoughts on “if you like it…

  1. I remember when they played this recording at your wedding and Mark told me that it was the song Dave wrote and recorded for you! I was all, “What?! This is Dave?”…I had no idea he was so musically talented! And it’s still such a good song!

  2. That was so sweet, gave me goosebumps! Dave really is talented, what a wonderful physical reminder of your special anniversary. 🙂

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