olympic weekend

Come Monday morning I always have the hardest time figuring out what we did over the weekend.  I tend to completely blank on most of it.  Here’s what I remember:

Friday night we had kale and cashew-cheese enchiladas.  I think it was Friday night.  It might have been Thursday.  Actually, it was Thursday.  In any case, we ate them last week.  They were good.


Saturday morning I was supposed to do 13 miles but I felt really tired.  Leo and I did around 6, four on our own and two with Dave.


We did not encounter any deer flies, which almost makes me think this path could be safe for running again.  Almost.

After the run, Leo and I took a trip to Shipshewana to the bulk food store to pick up a few things – oatmeal, flour, sesame seeds, $.79 avocadoes, super cheap blueberries, bananas, etc.  Saturday evening we went to our neighborhood picnic, although we only stayed an hour to get Leo to bed on time.

Sunday morning we were up early to watch the men’s Olympic marathon.  Leo (in a Christmas sleeper), was into it, too.


(We don’t have a tv but borrowed one from Dave’s parents for the week so we could watch Olympics, hence the strange tv-on-an-armchair setup.)

On the way home from church Leo and I both fell asleep, so Dave drove around for an extra 30 minutes so both of us babies could nap.  Sunday afternoon was more low-key stuff – Leo played and napped and I folded laundry and picked up.  Dave took Leo for a walk so I could sweeper the house and wash the dishes.  And then Dave’s parents came over to watch Leo so Dave and I could go on a just-us date night!  (Are we true parents now that our pre-date night activities do not include showering and carefully applying makeup but instead Dave walking Leo and me sprint-sweepering the house, then slapping on extra deodorant?)


I love that man.  This picture makes him look like he’s got a receding hairline and is bald on top.  That makes me giggle.

We ate some Mexican (guacamole made at our table, thank you), took a walk, had some fro-yo (and subsequent stomachache and sugar-crash), and walked again at a park Dave found while he was driving around that morning.

Then we came back to the house and watched the end of the Olympics recap with some decaf, which was almost more fun than the Olympics themselves.  Shortened versions of the sports with all the most notable highlights.  Less commentary and more winning.  We liked it.  Olympics, I will miss you.  Seriously.  I will miss you.

I didn’t run on Sunday, but didn’t stress about it.  It was a cut-back week for me in marathon training, so I’ll either make up the miles today or I’ll miss them altogether.  I’m not worried about it one way or another.

This morning Leo and I slept in til 6:30, then squeezed in 4.5 miles in a drizzly rain before work started.  I pushed it and managed to get a 9:30 pace, which is on the lower end for me with the stroller.  I was channeling Meb.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you watch the men’s marathon?


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