Since Leo was born, I’ve had two cavities.  Prior to my pregnancy, I hadn’t had a cavity since I was about 8.  I asked my dentist what I could do and he said that sometimes during pregnancy the body will rob calcium from the mother to give to the baby.  The first place the calcium is taken in from the teeth.  He suggested I take a calcium supplement and recommended either ground bone meal or calcium lactate.  The ground bone meal kind of freaked me out (it’s literally a bag of powdered bone)

I don’t really love the idea of adding ground bone to smoothies or soup or whatever.  The dentist thought this would be the best vitamin with how the calcium and magnesium is balanced:

But at $36.29, it was a little pricey.  Instead, I picked up a supplement from Walmart.  It might not be as high quality, but I think it will work, especially since I’m trying to add calcium from food as well (kale, spinach, sesame seeds, etc.).

Bonus: it was less than $6!

Here’s hoping that in 6 months when I go back to the dentist I won’t have another cavity!  (At least both of them have been so small I haven’t had to be numbed for the drilling.)

Have you ever had a cavity?  Do you take any supplements?


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  1. i’m taking a calcium/magnesium supplement for the first time while nursing (cutting out dairy, soy, almond-milk & coconut-milk eliminated virtually any significant source of calcium in my diet). The brand is “Solgar” (i think) … its dairy, wheat, soy, & a million other no-no’s free; so its safe for me to take.

    hmmm…i wonder about the cavities because I had one while pregnant too. I just had a check up monday & I was all clear (but I refused x-rays…so i they could have missed small ones).

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