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I found out just this week that there is a weekly 5K run on Tuesday nights at the park right next to our house.  It’s a dollar donation to run.  Normally I’m in the office on Tuesdays and wouldn’t be home in time to run at 6:30pm, but this week worked out for me to be there.

The race loops through some trails in the woods and back to the park.  About 75 people were there to run – high school students making it part of their workout, kids with their parents (there is a 3K and 2K option as well), seasoned runners, newbies, old, young.  I haven’t done a 5K in a long time – in fact, the only 5Ks I can remember doing right now don’t really count – one Dave and I race crashed and the other we showed up late to and didn’t actually start with everyone.  I came in at 29:00, 9:20 pace.  I think I probably could have pushed it a little harder, but I was happy with my time.  I probably won’t be able to run the 5K again for awhile, but at least I know the route now and can run it on my own for time.  It was really nice to run on trails, even if it was just for a few miles.

The 5K was also my last run of July!

July run total: 144.7 miles

What’s your favorite race distance?  Mine is probably the half marathon – challenging enough that you have to train, but you can still push it.  The 5K is too fast for me (and I don’t feel fast enough for it) and while I love the marathon, it can also be a beast.


3 thoughts on “5K

  1. That is awesome! I love it when communities have opportunities like that!

    I am a total HM gal too. The 5K is too fast. I can push a “face” HM pace though 🙂

  2. What a fun event! Too bad you can’t run with them more often. I don’t know what my favorite distance is anymore. Right now it’s any that I can run without pain, but before I got hurt I’d say the 10 mile or half marathon. I agree about the pacing for a 5k. I’m sure I have a sub 30 in me somewhere, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.

  3. That is so cool that they do a 5K every week that is family friendly! I agree with you though, 5Ks are a little too hard for me. I’m more of a distance girl! 5Ks make me feel like puking!

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