the week of no-runs

Last week I didn’t run.  After our weekend at Kelleys Island my legs just felt stiff and tired all week.  So I walked with Leo in the mornings, maybe ran a mile or two here and there, and generally just enjoyed a week off.  This weekend I was hoping to squeeze 17 miles in somewhere, but between all the wedding festivities it just didn’t happen.  I intended to get up early Monday morning and slam out 17 miles before work, but then I was so tired I slept through my alarm (a sure indicator that I needed the sleep) and woke up with Leo at 6:22am.  Oh well.  Instead, I did a modified long run.  It wasn’t 17, but I’ll count it as “good enough.”

  • ran 4.5 miles in the morning with Leo
  • ran 3.3 miles at lunch with Leo – we went to the bank and Kroger
  • ran 6.1 miles in the evening on my own

total mileage: 13.9 miles

In truth, it was probably the best approach.  While I certainly don’t regret taking the week off, not running for 7 days made the first day back a little more difficult.  I definitely felt slower, clumsier, and more out of breath, but I know that will pass quickly!

I think Leo enjoyed getting back to running, too!



3 thoughts on “the week of no-runs

    1. He starts the day with pants… but fights his diaper changes and then we just try to get him down as quick as possible. If we go out in public we DO try to put pants on him. 🙂 Plus, diapers count as pants in the summer, right? But just for you, he’s in a onesie today.

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