wedding weekend

Dave’s youngest sister got married this past weekend, which made for a fun, whirlwind weekend for us (we were both in the wedding).  But most of all, we just delighted in watching Melody and Chris get married – excited, happy, in love, and so sweetly grateful.

It also meant the first time we left Leo with a non-family babysitter.  While Dave and I took pictures and stood for the ceremony, Leo napped, had lunch, and played at home with a family friend.  He did awesome, despite waking up from his nap to a totally new person.

We were more than ready for a day of rest on Sunday and watched a movie (Mirror, Mirror) and laid low.

How was your weekend?

Dave and I, suited up.


Cousin love.

Me and Gus.

The bride!

Family (we intended to take a proper family picture all day… and got this one on the front porch when we got home.  Oh well.).



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