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to the fair!

Dave and Leo and I made a lunchtime trip to the Elkhart County 4H fair yesterday.  We thought Leo might like looking at the animals, so we walked through all the different barns – cows, goats, sheep, horses, chickens, pigs.

Leo was pretty unimpressed, for the most part, but Dave and I had a lot of fun.  Leo will probably find the animals a lot more fascinating next year.

We walked around for about 40 minutes and then headed out.  When we got home, Leo really started showing off!  For the past few days Leo’s been walking, but it’s only a few steps at a time.  At most he’s gone 6 feet and most of the time it’s less than that.  But yesterday he decided to really go for it and all of a sudden he was walking from room to room, down the hall!

I had been working on getting Leo’s bike helmet adjusted to the right size when he just took off, hence the random bike helmet indoors.  We are not so paranoid about walking injuries that we’re helmeting him.

It’s so much fun to see him walking around.  And he is so proud and happy as he goes!  What a guy!


4 thoughts on “to the fair!

  1. I love that Leo has a helmet on! Ha ha. I wonder if all kids start of trying to walk with toys in their hands. I bet they do.

    We took my friend’s 17 mo old to the zoo in Central Park and he was kind of uninterested. I cannot wait until he is like “monkey!” “Seal!” LOL

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