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This past weekend Dave and Leo and I traveled up to northern Ohio to Kelleys Island.  My grandparents (now just my grandma) have owned a cottage on the island since the 70’s and I spent many a summer as a kid running, biking, and golf-carting around the island (or tumbling around the trunk of the station wagon with my cousins as my grandpa swerved around tourists on bikes).  My grandma hasn’t been doing well of late, so we wanted to make the trip to see her.  It also worked out to coordinate our trip with my parents and sister.  Extra family!

We arrived at the ferry dock on Friday afternoon, ready to go.  The waves were also ready to go.

It was crazy windy and the waves were rolling in at 10 feet or more.  The ferry guys informed us there was at least a four hour wait to get on, as they were only running one ferry at the time.  Four hour wait?  Not really realistic with a baby.  So we quick called up my parents, my sister, and my aunt (who also has a cottage on the island).  With quite a few phone calls back and forth it was settled – we were staying the night at my aunt’s on the mainland and would take the ferry first thing in the morning.

With the details worked out, Dave and Leo and I drove to Sandusky and met up with my sister and brother-in-law for some Chipotle dinner.  Afterwards we headed to my aunt’s house, played some cards, greeted my parents, and all went to bed.

Saturday morning we managed to all get out of the house by 8am to head back to Marblehead for the ferry.  The waves were much calmer and we had no wait.  Leo was pretty unimpressed by the waves and the seagulls

But found great joy in walking between all the tightly packed cars.

Our time on the island was mostly spent hanging out as a family and playing games.  Leo and I went for a spontaneous afternoon run to help him get some more sleep (he tends to not nap well in strange places).  It’s sometimes difficult to be in new places without the usual toys for Leo to play with.  But he made due with a pot – he loved pushing it all around the floor – and playing with Uncle Keegan.  He thought he was the funniest guy!

My grandma seemed to really enjoy watching Leo play, even if she didn’t always know exactly who he was.  We caught this sweet shot of her feeding Leo some applesauce.

On Saturday we also went to a parade downtown.  I’ve been trying to find a good sun hat for Leo for awhile now and found this one for $8 in the Kelleys Island General Store.  Sold.  Bonus: it’ll probably fit next summer, too.

Sunday morning I ran while Kelly biked next to me.  We did 6 miles on our own, then picked up Leo for another 5.  It was hot by the time we finished and I was out of energy, so the last few miles had quite a few walk breaks, but Kelly was a good sport.  I was supposed to do 13 this weekend but ended up at 11.  Good enough!

We left early Sunday afternoon and while the drive home seemed to take forever (we managed to find another Chipotle for dinner – score!), Leo did pretty well despite being super tired and more than ready to be out of his car seat.  We loved seeing him read books by himself!

We got home at 8pm – just in time to get Leo to bed – so I didn’t get to give him a bath.  You better believe that was the first thing that happened this morning after he got up and had his bottle.  The boy was FILTHY from two days of crawling around floors and grass, playing with dogs, getting slathered in sunscreen, and sweating up a storm.  I have never been so happy to put him in the tub!

Ah, but the BIGGEST news from our weekend actually happened on Thursday, when Leo took his first steps all by himself.  Right now he only takes a few steps at a time, but has walked as much as 6 feet!  We haven’t caught it on video yet since it’s so spontaneous when it happens, but I’m sure we will soon.

So.  What did you do this weekend?  Or how old were you when you first walked?  I have no idea when I took my first steps but I think I was at least a year?


4 thoughts on “on the island

  1. I am so sorry to hear that your grandma is not doing well. I am glad you got to spend some QT with her and the photo of her feeding Leo is precious!

    This post definitely brought back memories of my days living in Sandusky (I was there about 1.5 years). Kelley’s Island is beautiful and fun. And Leo walking? Awesome!

  2. Yay! Leo’s first steps!

    I love seeing little babies/toddlers in hats. Too cute!

    So sorry to hear that your grandma is not doing to well, but great that you all got out there to see her. 🙂

    This weekend was exercising, working on the car, and relaxing 🙂

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