a day in the life: 11 months

11 months.  11 months!  Our baby boy is seeming very not-baby anymore!  Here’s what’s been happening!

between 5am and 6am: Leo wakes up.  He gets an 8oz. bottle, a diaper change, and a little playtime while I drink some coffee and get a snack.  Then he’s in the stroller and we’re out the door!  Most mornings we’re gone for about an hour or more.  Leo has been staying awake for our runs, for the most part.  If he had a rough night or got up super early, he might take a small nap, but it’s generally only 20 minutes.  If we’re close to home and he starts to doze off, I will talk to him, touch his head, and try my best (while running) to keep him awake.

7:30am: Breakfast for Leo.  He has plain greek yogurt, applesauce, cinnamon, and ground flaxseed mixed together.  He loves it!  Dave makes green smoothies in the morning and is starting to pour out a small bowl for Leo as well.  Depending on when Dave makes the smoothie Leo might have it for breakfast or we’ll save it for lunch.  It has spinach, kale, avocado, flaxseed, and fruit – lots of great stuff!

8am-10am: Playtime!  Right now he is all about walking, so he moves around the room holding on to furniture and the wall, etc. He’s very stable, although he has taken a couple spills and gotten some bruises on his head.  Never fun.  😦  Lately he’s had a renewed love of his bouncer and man, he can really get some air now!

10am: Naptime.  Maybe.  Leo has generally always been REALLY good about his mornings naps and has gone through phases fighting his afternoon nap.  He’s been fighting the afternoon naps again, so yesterday we did an experiment.  We kept Leo up through the morning, fed him lunch, and then put him down to nap immediately after lunch.  He took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  So we’re not sure if he’s ready to drop a nap yet.  We’re kind of experimenting to see how he does.  11 months seems early to drop a nap, but he might be ready.  We’re trying to listen to his body cues.

11:30am (this will probably get moved to 11am if we do indeed drop the morning nap): Lunch , starting with an 8oz. bottle.  Leo’s eating a lot of what we eat, with some pureed baby foods mixed in.  We generally start with a veggie (often pureed).  He loves peas and has started turning up his nose at carrots.  However, if we mix applesauce in with the carrots, he’ll eat them, especially if they’re offered first when he’s the hungriest.  He also loves soba noodles with just about any sauce, pizza crust with hummus, scrambled eggs, and cheese.

12:30pm: Playtime.  Or if we switch, naptime.  His favorite games right now are walking, kicking a ball, taking apart things, knocking down towers, and throwing toys through the baby gate down the stairs.  His favorite books are Tails (a touch and feel book), ABC Animals, I Love You Stinky Face, The Boo-Hoo Baby, and Hand Hand Fingers Thumb.

4:30pm: Dinner, starting with an 80z. bottle.  He generally has what we’re having, but maybe slightly adjusted.  If not, we’ll scramble an egg with nutritional yeast and spinach or serve him leftovers.

5:30pm-7pm: Family time.  We often go for a walk, although lately haven’t because it’s been so hot.  We play with Leo, read books, and listen to music.  Leo also gets a bath.

7pm: Bedtime!  We turn off the lights, pull down the shades, and turn on the noise machine.  Leo gets a bottle (he will drink 6-8oz.).  Most of the time he’s awake when I put him down, but goes to sleep well on his own.  Occasionally (maybe once a week) he’ll fight going to bed, but we only have to go in one or two times before he gives in.

Teeth: Still just two on the bottom.  We could have sworn we saw one coming in the top, but now we’re not so sure.

Words: No words yet, but every few days he picks a different sound to repeat over and over.  Last week it was “ingah” and then “indah” and this week it is “neh.”

Tricks: High fives and shaking hands.  It’s super cute!

Mobility: I can’t remember the last time I saw Leo belly crawl.  He used to do it all the time, even when he got up on his hands and knees, but doesn’t anymore.  Ever.  He’s thisclose to walking – only lightly holding on to things as he moves.  Last night he stood up from a squat without holding on to anything.

Weight: It’s pretty hard to believe Leo used to be a lightweight.  He’s so solid now!  We haven’t weighed him in a few weeks but last time we did he was 21 pounds.  I would guess he’s 22 now, at least.  And he’s so long!  His legs dangle when you hold him.  We’re definitely not holding a baby anymore!

Remember this skinny little dude?

Little chicken legs!

Check him out now!

Thank the avocadoes, he’s got some meat on him now!

One more month and he’ll be one!  Happy 11 months, Gus!  We love you more every day.


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