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five things I’m digging right now

1. Design Star.  I love love love this show.  To the point that I check to see if a new episode is up just about every day because I’m so anxious to see the next one.  Other new show I’m loving: Bunheads.  It’s by the same person who made Gilmore Girls and it’s kind of silly but also kind of awesome – a lot like Gilmore Girls was.

2. Podcasts.  Recently instead of listening to music I’ve been really digging podcasts.  Dave always used to listen to podcasts on his run and I thought it sounded so boring.  I was so wrong!  My favorites are Simple Mom and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.  Simple Mom is a little more informative but also just interesting and relaxing.  And Wait Wait is hilarious – I often laugh out loud while I’m running.  I’ve also been listening to NPR in the car.  I feel way more up on news than I ever have been before!

3. Coffee.  When I first got pregnant I switched to decaf.  I kept up the decaf all while I was nursing Leo.  I wasn’t supposed to have much caffeine and I figured while I was off the addiction, why pick it back up?  Then Dave read a couple articles about how caffeine’s health benefits, so he suggested I drink one cup of coffee a day.  And since I’m always the picture of restraint, I’m now drinking two cups of coffee in the morning and often a third (sometimes half-caf) in the afternoon.  There went that idea of being unaddicted.

4. Going dairy-free.  Toward the end of June Dave and I had an interesting conversation with friends of ours who had decided to go vegetarian and give up dairy.  They had seen some documentaries, talked to people, and done research and wanted to give it a try.  Dave and I decided to try going dairy-free for the month of July to see how we felt (we started with a last trip to get frozen yogurt, of course).

I honestly wasn’t expecting to 1) like it or 2) notice any differences.  WRONG.  It really hasn’t been that difficult – I thought I would miss cheese a lot but I haven’t.  And I’ve noticed pretty significant changes in how I feel.  I feel lighter.  More energetic.  I didn’t necessarily feel bloated before, but I definitely feel less bloated now (if that makes sense).  I’m less gassy.  My runs have been better.  And in a weird way, I don’t crave sweets as much.  My intake of desserts has dropped a lot and I haven’t really put that much effort into it.

I definitely plan on continuing to be dairy-free after July, but it will probably be in the same way I handle my vegetarianism.  If we’re invited somewhere and they’re serving meat or dairy products I’ll either choose something else, or I’ll just eat it.  It’s not a big deal to me to eat it – it tastes totally fine – it’s just my personal preference not to.

5. Raspberries, almond milk, and Uncle Sam’s cereal.  Pretty sure this is the most amazing breakfast ever, or at least right now.  Bonus: no cooking required and it comes together super fast.  Plus the cereal is pretty dense and hearty, so it definitely holds me over.

We’ve been making our own almond milk, which has been super easy.  Soak one cup of almonds to four cups of water overnight.  Blend all together.  Strain through cheesecloth.  In our case, I use a yogurt cheese maker that my mom gave me.  It works perfectly!


Murky almond water ready to become almond milk!

What are five things you’ve been digging lately?


10 thoughts on “five things I’m digging right now

  1. Hey Kim! I cut back on the caffeine while I was pregnant too–absolutely had none during the first trimester, but I also had heard about health benefits of it (but mostly, I REALLY missed my coffee), so I started drinking it again toward the end of my pregnancy–below the 400mg or whatever you are allowed per day. Anyways, something I had heard, and proved to be true with me, is that when you have caffeine while you are pregnant, it does not really affect the breastfed baby because he/she is used to it???? As cooky as that sounds, I have found that is true with Cade. I have always had 1-2 cups of coffee per day since the day he was born, and he has always been a GREAT baby–not fussy, a great sleeper, developmentally ahead, etc. My good friend here swore off all caffeine while she was pregnant and now, she can’t even have DECAF coffee or it affects her breastfed baby. So, there’s my empirical evidince that it’s okay. HAH. Maybe it isn’t true for everyone, but I thought I’d share my experience. I love my coffee too!

    1. How can you resist coffee when you have Sheri’s nearby? 😉 LOVE Sheri’s. I think that’s where I started *really* liking coffee in high school.

  2. It’s a coffee shop in Norwalk that Amy probably knows about. 😉 In fact, sometimes on Friday nights when I was still in high school I think I was probably there with her sister (and friends from Huron)! It’s a cute little coffee shop with live music, kind owners, and great java. It opened pre-Starbucks in Sandusky (I think) but after you graduated (I think).

  3. I have never listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, but a few people tell me they love it, so I am going to give it a try! Sometimes I listen to the Nerdist while I run, or Jillian Michaels podcast.

    I am happy going dairy free feels so good to you! 🙂 Dairy really messes with my system, so I know exactly what you mean about feeling better.

  4. My “five things”: 1) Cobb salads (craving them lately!), 2) Hot summer temps (I’m a warm weather girl), 3) Time with friends and family (just had an incredible birthday bash over the weekend hosted by my husband–so thankful!), 4) My friends’ sweet babies, 5) Planning for a much different season ahead (transitioning out of work and into other adventures with school, etc.)!

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