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15 miles

I had 15 miles on the schedule for this weekend.  I planned to do them Sunday morning and to keep a schedule similar to what I had done last weekend – start out running on my own, then pick up Leo.

Sunday morning Leo woke up at 2:30am, 30:30am, and 4:30am.  Ouch.  Dave and I both were up at 2:30, then Dave took 3:30 and I took 4:30.  I got Leo settled back down to sleep at 5am and quickly poured myself a cup of coffee, some baked oatmeal, and changed into running clothes before I could back out.  I made it out of the house a little after 5:30am – about 30 minutes later than I had hoped, but still doable.  I did a 6.3 mile look and then came back to the house around 6:40am.  Dave and Leo were both still asleep!  We actually woke Leo up then in an attempt to keep him on schedule.  I gave him some breakfast and then got him in the stroller.  It was a longer running break than normal – about 40 minutes – but I managed to get a second cup of coffee and more baked oatmeal during that time, which was nice.

Leo and I did a 7.3 mile look and then I added a bit more to it, hoping I would make 15 miles.  When I got home I mapped it out and found out we hit 15 miles exactly!  We got home in 2:29:51, 9:59/mi pace.

This was my best long run in awhile.  I felt great for the whole thing – never too tired, never unmotivated.  The first part of my run was in the dark and then early morning, which was peaceful and pretty.  The second half was with Leo and I zoned out to podcasts (Simple Mom and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me).

Also great?  Last week (Sunday to Saturday) I ran 43 miles!  It’s been a really really long time since I’ve hit mileage like that.  Plus to have a high mileage week and still have a great long run was especially exciting!

We also realized later in the day that Leo is breaking a top tooth – hence the early morning meltdowns.  Poor friend.

Other than the long run our weekend was pretty lowkey and laidback, which is what we like best!  I saw some friends from college, I made hummus, Dave went to see Spiderman with his dad, and Leo learned to shake hands!  He’s also getting crazy good at cruising on furniture and is thisclose to taking tentative steps on his own.

Dave also captured this amazing shot of Leo – we framed it for his room already!

How was your weekend?  What exciting things happened?


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  1. Love that shot of Leo! I got to spend time with my friends who have a 15 mo old this weekend and loved it.

    WTG on getting that run in AND feeling so awesome despite your hectic night. You rock! 🙂

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