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this week’s running

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about running, so I thought I’d give an update.  With the cooler weather this week runs have definitely been more enjoyable!

On Sunday I got in my long run of 14 miles (it later clocked in at 13.65, but close enough).  I ran the first 6.3 miles on my own, before Leo woke up.  While I was gone Dave got Leo up, fed him, and had him waiting in the stroller for me when I got to the house!  I threw down a couple GU Chomps, drank some water, and took off again.  The first 6.3 miles felt slow and heavy and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do all 14.  The last 7.3 – pushing a stroller – felt awesome.  Apparently I just needed my little running buddy!

Monday I didn’t run because I was in the office.

Tuesday Leo and I ran 4.5 miles in the morning, then I did another 4.5 miles that evening after he went to bed.  Happily, I was able to do the same route 4 minutes faster without the stroller!

Wednesday we went 7.3 miles around town.  I walked a few times, Leo powernapped, and one deer fly managed to bite me on the head.  Grr.

Thursday we ran to the grocery store and home for an easy 3.2 miles.  The perk of the stroller is a built in carry-all for water bottles, ipods, and in this case, groceries!  I felt like I could have gone more but thought it might be good to take an easier day.  I thought about doing a double run in the evening, but instead made popcorn!

This morning we’ll head out again.  I don’t normally have a plan for what or where we’ll run (there are limited deer fly-less options) but I just go where I feel like it and see as I go how long I want to run.  Sometimes I run the whole thing.  Sometimes I really push for speed.  Other times I go slow and take walk breaks.  I’m really enjoying not putting too much planning in to it, except for the weekly long runs, which I try to meet (although I don’t really get that flustered if I miss them).  Definitely a more laid back approach to marathon training than I’ve had before!

Here’s a little fun we had in the house yesterday.  I promise Leo does normally wear pants, but if we’re just chilling in the house it’s so much easier to change diapers if he’s pantsless.

How has your running been lately?


4 thoughts on “this week’s running

  1. Aww! It’s so cute to hear Leo respond to that noise! I love his giggle! 🙂 Too funny, our friends who have a son Leo (he’s 2ish?) says he spends most of his time sans clothes! They told us this funny story that one time they were eating dinner and he said, “I got sauce on my pen*s!” LOL. Sorry if that was inappropriate but it cracked me up! They said he has to start wearing clothes now since he will be a big brother soon!

    You are a rockstar with all your running! So great that Dave had Leo ready to run with you. I love that he goes with you and you have all that extra storage! I wonder how much bigger he can get before you cannot push him anymore. 5 years?

    Stupid deer flies. I waited to run when it was dark last night (and not in the high 80s) and the bugs were making me CRAZY. We cannot win. LOL, jk, I consider every run a win 🙂

  2. You always amaze me with your running. You are secretly my hero. When you have a baby girl you can put her in dresses…no pants=easy diaper access!

  3. Ok…your bird noise disturbed Joel from across the room 😉 And Leo is so stinkin cute and chubbing up!
    Can’t wait to chew on his cute little legs!!!
    Miss you guys!

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