Just about two weeks ago, Dave and I decided to be done with nursing.  We had been supplementing with formula for about a month, but I was still nursing three times a day.  Increasingly, Leo was getting frustrated during nursing sessions.  Almost immediately he would get really upset.  It was clear he wasn’t getting very much milk and it didn’t feel fair to tease him with a meal and then not deliver.  So we decided to be done.  Truthfully, I wasn’t that emotional about it. When we had first introduced formula I had been pretty upset – disappointed that I wasn’t able to 100% breastfeed.  So by the time we decided to end nursing, I had already worked through a lot of the emotions.  I knew it had been coming.  I had hoped to make a year, but it felt like the very best decision for everyone, especially Leo.

Clearly, I had correct intuition that my body wasn’t producing much milk and was pretty much making the decision to wean on its own.  I nursed Leo on Wednesday at lunch.  We decided to be done that afternoon.  I nursed him again on Friday morning and that was it.  I never had to pump or deal with any painful weaning issues.

Leo is going strong on the formula, which we’ll keep up until his first birthday, or close to it.  We’ve been using Parent’s Choice – Walmart’s brand – and recently switched to their “Tender” formula, as their original version seemed to be giving Leo gas.  I still have about 16 ounces of milk frozen, so we’ve been using that up – throwing in a breastmilk bottle twice a week or so.

As for Leo, our once skinny in the zero percentile baby boy is getting to be heavy!  We weighed him at home this past weekend and he came in at 21 pounds!  Quite the difference from when he weighed 18 pounds just 6ish weeks ago!



7 thoughts on “weaned

  1. Love that pic of him!

    What happens to you when you wean? It can be really uncomfortable as you wait for your body to figure out you are done producing milk?

  2. I hope you know what an awesome thing you did for Leo. Nursing him for as long as you did, trying all that you could, and stopping when it was right for everyone. You are very lucky not to have engorgement issues. Even though I had low supply, it was insane for me. As far as milk, I started doing half-and-half for Miles a couple weeks ago and we’re now just waiting until we run out of formula till we go 100 percent.

  3. 21 pounds! Good growing, buddy! My boy has his 15 month appointment tomorrow, and I think he’ll have finally broken the 20 pounds barrier but not much more than that.

  4. He looks great! So glad you and Dave were able to reach a decision together. His one-year birthday is coming so soon!

  5. Yay! You did awesome! Way to stick it out! To be honest it was kind of relief to be to be done nursing:) glad you were ok with it…again you did awesome 🙂 little Leo is heavier than little 13 month gwenie!!!!!

  6. Leo is so cute. Congratulations on nursing this long! It is a wonderful thing you did for Leo. I’m glad you’re not having any engorgement issues. I’ve heard that weaning can be super painful.

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