i made you dinner plans

Do you know what you’re having for dinner tonight?  If you do, throw it out.  MAKE THIS INSTEAD.

Oh, you think, that doesn’t look very special.  Oh my.  Oh.my.  Summer veggies, chewy noodles, sweet edamame all in a basil, lemon, avocado sauce.  Out.of.this.world.  Seriously one of the best meals we’ve had lately.  And I don’t know if Leo really likes edamame or just likes the sauce, but he was totally digging this, too.

There.  A quick stop at the grocery store and your dinner plans are made.

You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “i made you dinner plans

  1. Yum!! I have made some pasta sauces with avocado and they are soooo good! I haven’t tried this one yet – I’ll have to put it in the meal plan for next week 🙂

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