finishing off the mantle

A couple months ago we picked up a few states pictures for the mantle in our family room.  There are actually two mantles in the room – a lower one over the fireplace and a higher one at the top.  We thought putting really old books across the top could look cool, but we didn’t have very many books to use.  Then I was watching HGTV and got the idea to use the books we already have, but turned around!

Coupled up with a vintage globe  and a whimsical blue owl!

We love it!  Of course, if I ever decide to reread any of those books, it’ll take me awhile to find it, but that’s okay.  They’re mostly classics that I love and want to have, but don’t read for years.

What house or design projects have you worked on lately?


3 thoughts on “finishing off the mantle

  1. We have that owl! We named him Sheldon…because he looks a little like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory…haha.

  2. That is a great way to display books! I have so many that I doubt I will ever read again. They really are just for visuals 🙂

  3. Aww I love the owl! We are doing a forest theme in our baby’s nursery and have a bunch of cute little owl things. Your mantle looks great!

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