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mexican pie

Last night we invited a new friend over for dinner and served up Mexican Tortilla Pie – layers of beans and humnut sauce (hummus and nutritional yeast) and tortillas and salsa, topped with avocado.  So delicious!  Our guest liked it, too!

Next time I want to add a layer of roasted veggies, like onion and peppers and zucchini so it has a bit more than just beans.  But really, a very easy and awesome meal – and pretty!

Other meals we’ve had lately have included meatless meatballs and spaghetti – Leo was a big fan of the meatballs – and pizza.  We’ve also had scrambled eggs twice when we weren’t sure what to have for dinner.  My sister gave me a tip to brown up some breadcrumbs with butter and to toss them with the eggs after they’ve been scrambled.  They give a wonderful bit of crunch to the eggs – it’s perfect!  I did a mix of cornmeal and breadcrumbs.  You should try it!

Oh, and Leo’s and I’s long run yesterday morning?  Nailed it.  Sweaty and humid, but we got it done (and Leo got a powernap to boot)!

What have you been eating lately?