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long run no go

Sunday morning was supposed to be my long run – 9 miles – so a very manageable long run.  I was hoping to get up early and start the run while Dave got Leo up and fed him breakfast.  Then I would swing home and pick Leo up in the stroller to finish out the last few miles – mainly because Leo would be jonesing for his morning run, too.

Except I overslept and didn’t wake up til Leo did.

Except Leo slept in and didn’t wake up til 6:15am.

Til Leo was breakfasted and I was coffee-ed and we were all ready to go it was nearly 8am (I have no idea where the time went this morning.  I think I was very pokey with my coffee.).  8am and mid-70s and 90% humidity.

We made it 2 miles.

It was HOT and muggy and yes, I probably could have “pushed through” but I had no desire.  Plus, we were already running on a time crunch.  So instead we came home and I did an ab workout and showered.  And then we went to church… except our church was having one big outdoor service today.

It was 85 degrees at 10am.

It was in the sun.

It was right at Leo’s normal naptime.

We left at 10:30am.  It was hot, Leo was sweaty and cranky, and Dave and I definitely weren’t paying much attention to the service – we were too busy trying to keep Leo as happy as possible.

So instead we went to Sam’s Club.  And came home and had lunch.  And sat in AC.  And played with the gigglebox.

We’re headed out for that long run this morning!


2 thoughts on “long run no go

  1. Yay for sleep! Jesus knew you deserved it! I think I would have been ohhh so grumpy at church:)

  2. Aww! I love his happy squealing in that video! And gosh! He is so mobile now! Aww. I can’t wait to meet him some day.

    Ugh. What a hot day you had! I am happy you finally got to be in the AC! Your church story reminded me of a time Steven went to a concert in a church, and the conductor made them turn off the AC so it would not disrupt the concert… only it was 90 out… and he was in the balcony. Yuck. Yours was outside but I thought of this anyway, lol.

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