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Lately Leo has been boycotting his afternoon nap.  And by “lately” I mean the past 5 or more days.  He’s a terrific morning napper – anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours – but he fights the afternoon nap.  It would be one thing if he didn’t sleep and was pleasant.  But he’s cranky, very temperamental, and obviously tired.

Yesterday we tried a new strategy.  Leo had a rough night – he woke up at 4am in a complete meltdown.  We’re not sure what was going on, but with some nursing and a bottle, he settled back down at 5am and slept til 6:15.  At 8:15 he fell asleep in the jogging stroller.  I successfully transferred him to his crib and kept the nap going.  He slept until a 10:45am. That’s a crazy long nap for him, but considering the weird night and a weekend away from home, it also wasn’t unexpected.  Lunchtime was normal – nursing, then food.  Around 2pm he started seeming tired, so we gave him a bottle.  He drank about 2-3oz.  We attempted to put him down right after the bottle but food=second wind for Leo and he was very awake.  We got him out of the crib at 2:3opm and let him crawl around a bit.  At 3pm he was acting tired again so I changed his diaper and put him down.  Success!  He slept til 4:30pm, when I actually had to wake him up to keep him on schedule!

Here’s my theory: my milk supply, which has never been stellar, has probably dropped again.  He’s fighting his afternoon nap because he’s hungry.  But the hungry cues get mixed in with I’m-so-tired cues, so we were missing it.

We’ll probably try this a few more time this week to see if the strategy is really successful.  I’ll let you know.

We spent the weekend down in Marion, Indiana, visiting friends, and then I was in the office on Monday.  A few pics from the weekend:

And here’s a video of Leo’s newest trick – walking one-handed!

PS – If you were having trouble seeing the video on this post, try again!  It should be working now!


3 thoughts on “afternoon napping

  1. hey kim – sometime during reilly’s infancy i read about something called ‘the wonder weeks.’ have you heard of that before? it’s supposed to be times when they are making huge developmental leaps that causes them to be resist or have trouble sleeping, much more fussy, clingy, etc. I found this to be incredibly accurate for her – though some ‘leaps’ were more obvious than others. I don’t know exactly how old Leo is in weeks (they measure that way for the wonder weeks), but here’s a link to read a bit more if it sounds like a possibility.

    It at least helped me at times when no matter what I tried, she just seemed ‘off’….I realized at times we’d just have to try to make it through until the leap was over! 🙂 Good luck – hopefully you are right about your theory so far and he keeps up the good naps.

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