a day in the life: 10 months

5:30-6am: Leo wakes up.  I used to get up at 5am but nowdays I sleep until I hear Leo.  Some days that’s as early as 5am and some days he “sleeps in” til 5:45, 6, or even 6:15am!  Once I hear him I get up, put in my contacts, stick a bobby pin in my hair, and grab him.  He nurses and then I change his diaper and we head downstairs for breakfast.  Breakfast is normally greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, ground flaxseed, and cinnamon.  After he finishes that he has some cheerios while I drink coffee and eat a snack.

6:3o-7am: Leo and I head out for a run.  We go anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or sometimes even more, depending on how early Leo got up, how I’m feeling, and if he’s sleeping.  Leo will often take a 20-30 minute powernap in the stroller, particularly if he woke up early.

8am: I start work.  Leo plays in the room while I work.  He’s really good about playing on his own.  I’ll go down on the floor every once in awhile to hang out with him, read a book, look at a toy, etc.  Dave will also be around to play with him, too.

9:30-10am: Leo goes down for a nap.  He generally sleeps 1.5-2 hours, but will play in the crib on his own for 15 or so minutes at the end of each nap.

11:30am: Leo nurses and then has lunch.  Nursing now takes 10 minutes, tops.  Lunch is often pieces of cheese, some veggies (he loves peas the most!), and some puffs.  After lunch he plays in the exersaucer downstairs while I eat some lunch, do some dinner prep, read a little.  Then we either head out for a short walk or go back upstairs to play.

2-3pm: Leo goes down for a nap.  He sleeps for another 1.5-2 hours.

4:30pm: Leo nurses, then goes to Dave while I work on dinner.

5pm: Dinner as a family!  Leo will often have a little of what we’re having (might be modified a little or mashed up).  He also loves scrambled eggs with nutritional yeast and spinach.  We’ll give him puffs or cheerios to keep him busy in the high chair so we can finish our dinner and talk.

5:45pm: Family walk!  We try to go for a walk most nights.  The window between dinner and bedtime can be a cranky time for Leo and the stroller chills him out and helps him wind down.

6:3opm: Bath time.  We generally hit a bath every other night.  Then some reading time as a family.

7pm: I change Leo’s diaper (we use a triple-stuffed diaper for nighttime) and get him into pajamas.  This generally elicits a lot of screaming.  Tired boy.  I give him a bottle of formula (by the evening my supply is too low to nurse).  He generally takes about 4oz., sometimes more, sometimes less.  Afterwards I sing Jesus Loves You and Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.  Then Leo and I do the forehead bump.  This started one night when Leo was feeling silly – he leaned forward and bumped his head to mine and then laughed.  But now he does it every night, sleepy and serious or awake and giggly.  We bump heads back and forth for a minute or two.  Then I tell him I love him and goodnight and put him down in the crib.

7:20pm: Dave and I get some time alone together to read, watch a movie or tv, and hang out.

9pm: We go to bed!

New things: climbing up stairs, waving, two teeth (both on the bottom), pulling up on everything, superfast army crawling, music class.  He also had his first bout of antibiotics after a cold that left him wheezing.

Foods: Loves peas, lentils, cheese, avocados, puffs, cheerios, grapes, yogurt, and applesauce.  Used to love carrots but now only likes them mixed with applesauce.  Hates peas if they’re not pureed.  Wasn’t a huge fan of plain pasta.

Funniest quirk: he can’t stand to have this toy organized.  He is compelled to go throw off the pieces, pull out the drawers, etc.  If he’s across the room and we clean it up, he will crawl back over just to wreck it again.

More and more Leo seems like a little boy instead of a baby.  He’s definitely becoming more social – grinning at strangers in the grocery store, crawling to the other families in music class, going absolutely crazy over the random teenage girl sitting behind us in church (seriously, I think it was love.  He was crawling over my shoulder like a monkey, smiling and laughing, just to touch her hand.).  He’s sweet and playful, serious and focused, ticklish and deadpan, busy and content on his own.

Leo, we adore you more and more and we love seeing you grow and become more of your own person!

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  1. Cute as always. I love the story from church especially. I swear Miles was a born flirt. He can be a complete crank in the car and then turn it on at the grocery.

    And I’m thankful for your reminder about lentils – Miles has tried them once or twice but I haven’t done them in awhile. Good for him and good for me.

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