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Leo is getting me ready for the September marathon, whether I want to be or not.  This morning he woke up at 3:50am.  Three.fifty.in.the.morning.  Dave and I both groaned.  We attempted to put him back to sleep, but he was alllll smiles.

We suspect another tooth is soon to pop – both of his other teeth have been preceeded by a couple days of crazy-early wake-ups (at least he wakes up happy).  So we got up.  Leo got breakfast.  I got coffee and a pbj sandwich.  I reluctantly pushed the stroller out of the garage, tired, stiff, and not at all feeling like running.

38 minutes in to the run, Leo fell asleep.  So I kept running.  We ended up covering 7.5 miles in 1:16:22, 10:11 pace.  It was humid.  And really sweaty.  But once my legs loosened up it was a great run.  And Leo snuck in a 30 minutes powernap, which is sure to make the whole morning a lot more enjoyable.

Speaking of running, I’m trying to throw a few “two-a-days” of running in to my week, to get some extra miles, get in some runs sans stroller, and to practice running on fatigued legs.  On Monday I ran 4 miles in the morning with Leo in 39 minutes.  That night after I put Leo down at 7pm, I went out for another 4 miles.  I ran those in 37:22, which was somewhat surprising.  I had hoped I would be faster without a stroller, but it was also 90 degrees and post-dinner, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’m hoping to do two-a-days on Mondays (I work Tuesdays and don’t run at all) and Wednesdays or Thursdays.  We’ll see how it shapes up!

Tell me about your running or exercising lately!


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  1. let’s just say yesterday’s 4:30pm run left my hair prickly at the ends once the sweat dried. nothing like a little salt stylin’!

  2. Great job on your runs, Kim! I’m not training for any races now so am just trying to maintain a solid base. I have been running about five days a week (about 25 miles total), with a mixture of speedwork (a decent amount of this) and a longer run on Saturdays (only topping out at 8 miles though, which is about my max in this Texas heat).You put me to shame with your volume and frequency!

    I think I messed up some muscles in one foot this past Saturday though because I experienced pain over the weekend and couldn’t run without wincing on Monday. So I am taking a few days off and am focusing on low-impact exercise – walking, the elliptical, and lifting weights. Not running is killing my mood but at least I am still getting sweaty (and the much-needed endorphins) every day!

  3. Great job, especially on doubling up! I’ve never done that but I”m considering it this weekend so that I can get my long run in even though I’m home alone with the munchkin.,

  4. Nice job on all those runs! I am just getting used to the BOB stroller and doing about 10:40 min miles for a max of 3.5 miles as of right now. Such a good idea to do 2 a days after the baby goes to bed. I might have to incorporate that into my training later in the summer/fall.

  5. I love two-a-days! And nice run this am. Go Coach Leo! Way to get mommy up! 🙂

    My running has been up and down – not in the bad and good sense, but in the when I can fit it in sense! My schedule has been crazy lately and I am struggling to figure it out.<– TMI, LOL.

  6. Oh Leo! I hope his tooth comes in soon…in Russian it is light at 3:30 am…I mean like 7 in the morning light out! You should move here so you can run in the daylight:) I have been doing 30 day shred every other day and then 2 intervals of MIF on the other days…starting to think about running one a week. Philip ran here for the first time this week and didn’t get too many weird stares…so we might be on to something:) good job on running in the early mornings! Bet it feels good to have it out of the way…of course until later in the evening:) you are such a great cook! I tried the Mac and cheese…yum! I wanted to try the potatoes….just ok huh? Worth making?????

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