bath wars and music class

Bath times with Leo have changed dramatically since he was first born.  As a newborn he hated them:

After awhile the hate petered out and he just tolerated baths.  It took awhile for him to like them – until he was 5 months or so he mostly took very stoic baths.

Then baths became crazy fun:

And now baths are a constant war.  All Leo wants to do is stand, which is fine outside the tub, but isn’t safe in the tub.  So I sit beside the tub (gone are the days where I read while Leo played in the water) and repeatedly sit him back down and fend him off the side of the tub.

What a silly Gus!

Tonight we have our second babies/kids music class.  We went to the first one on Thursday evening and it was so much fun!  We weren’t sure how Leo would do but as soon as we sat down in a circle he crawled out into the middle of everyone and just sat there grinning.

 He was very interested in the other kids!

He did play a little music, too, although mostly he sucked on the mallets, clocked me in the face with them, or crawled over to other people.

The class is 3 weeks long, 2 classes a week.  We also have a CD of the songs so we can sing them at home with Leo.  One in particular, “The Hello Song,” is already stuck in our heads.  I’m sure there will be plenty more of that to come!

Are you musically inclined?  Dave is really good on drums and can also sing, write music, and plays some piano.  I took 3 years of piano lessons when I was little (I can only really play my right hand now, and not super well), did clarinet for 2 years in middle school (I can’t remember a lick of it), and used to be able to sing (now I’m generally off key).  Here’s hoping Leo gets more of Dave’s musical talent than mine!


7 thoughts on “bath wars and music class

  1. I love seeing kids happy in the bath! (Well, babies … that sounded kind of creepy, ha ha). My bff in NYC sent me the most adorable vid of her son playing in the tub. I’ve watched it a few times. He is just so happy!

    I love that Leo is loving music class! What a great idea! I thought of Leo yesterday, because we met our friends in KC that have a 2-yr-old names Leo 🙂

    I played the violin for 9 years. I want to re-learn it!

  2. I’ve read about other bloggers taking their kids to baby classes like this, too. I don’t know much about babies’ developmental stages, but I’m just not sure what the reasoning is to pay for classes at such a young age. Is it for socialization? Is he really learning music skills at his age? Don’t get me wrong, he looks like he’s having a great time, and I’m sure that’s what’s most important. I’m asking inquisitively – I hope this comment doesn’t sound condescending. Maybe Jill, as an early childhood teacher, could weigh in or clarify for me?

    1. I’d love to hear Jill’s thoughts, too!

      Our reasons were: 1) socialization and getting him around other people/kids 2) new experiences 3) doing music with him. We could do that at home (and do a little) but we learn new songs and new hand motions and have a set aside time where we’re really intentionally doing music together. I’m hoping these classes will help us then set up a daily (or weekly) habit to intentionally do music together.

  3. I think we’re already seeing clues to who Leo is becoming…. comfortably sitting in the middle of the circle and then crawling over to other kids… I find that really fascinating!

    1. Sorry! I didn’t realize I was signed in under Andre’s account… he started his own blog now so I’ll have to be more careful in the future!

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