soy curls

In April, Kim sent me a birthday package that included soy curls from fakemeats.com.  It’s been awhile, but Dave and I finally got around to trying them!

The soy curls are dried, so I soaked them in water for 10 minutes, then drained them and sauteed them in water, olive oil, chili powder, garlic, oregano, salt, and cayenne to make a taco-type dish.  Once most of the water had been absorbed/boiled out, we served them up on tortillas with avocado, plain greek yogurt, cheese, and spinach.

We loved it!  I don’t think I’d like the soy curls on their own, straight-up, but in a burrito or a casserole they’re perfect.  Dave especially has been digging them.  He ate the leftovers for both lunch and dinner the other day!

Last night we watched the first episode of Design Star on hulu.  Dave and I don’t watch too many tv shows, but Design Star is a fun one for us.  We love the creativity and the big end results!  We also watch The Voice and The Office (although we’re about a half season behind currently).  What shows do you watch?


6 thoughts on “soy curls

  1. Ohhhh how I wish I could eat soy!! As a vegan (who sometimes eats seafood…can’t help it, living in Alaska!!) it would make life so much easier if I had that as an option for a meat substitute, but alas, it gives me the worst stomach pain EVER.

    I do cook using soy ingredients sometimes for my husband though, and I’ve never tried soy curls!! If you liked those though, you would probably like TVP (textured vegetable protein). When it’s re-hydrated it looks JUST like ground beef, and you can use it the same way, adding whatever seasonings you want to it (think tacos, lasagna, combined with lentils for a “meat”loaf, spaghetti, etc…).

    The Mr. and I also really like Design Star! And, The Office is our all time favorite tv comedy. Have you seen Parks and Rec? That’s another favorite!!

  2. We heart Castle! Just got a friend who enjoys Bones hooked on it. And as Firefly fans, I bet you guys would love a fresh dose of Nathan Fillion’s witty banter.

  3. I am happy you got a chance to try them! They are so plain on their own, so I don’t like eating them that way either. Once they are seasoned though I cannot stop picking them out of the pan! I always cook more than we need for the recipe to account for that 🙂

    Steven watched The Office and now is watching Parks and Recreation (both on Netflix). 🙂

  4. Looks like a delicous meal 🙂
    Our favorite show of all time is So You Think You Can Dance – and it just started again a few weeks ago!
    We also watch The Office and this past year a new one called New Girl (you guys must check this out if you haven’t watched it yet – sometimes Joel will have tears coming down because we’re laughing so hard!)
    I love watching them a bit behind too because then you can have a marathon!

  5. We love The Office, Up All Night, and Modern Family for sitcoms. We’ll watch Mad Men when it’s on, as well as Dexter. And for reality TV, we are Top Chef and Project Runway fans! Luckily all of these shows aren’t on at the same time of the year, or we’d never be able to keep up. It’s so hard to fit any TV time in with a little one around!

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