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driving mr. leo

Last night Dave and Leo and I hung out at Dave’s parents’ house.  They have a little car that you can push, so we took Leo for a ride!

Like his mother, Leo gets tired when driving.

Other weekend happenings:

on his second attempt, Leo made it all the way up the stairs.

early Father’s Day present for Dave – a new coffeemaker!  (Our old one wasn’t making the coffee nearly as hot anymore.)  He picked out the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew.

There was also a lot of stroller walks.  Leo has been fighting his first real cold and he’s a snotty not-sleeping-well mess.  Naps are sometimes as short as 20 minutes, so stroller walks are key to helping him relax and de-fuss.  We’re hoping he’ll be on the mend soon – there’s nothing sadder than a sick baby!

What did you do this weekend?


3 thoughts on “driving mr. leo

  1. Sorry to hear that Leo is not feeling well. But he looks darn cute behind the wheel of the car. And shirtless to boot! My John would be so proud.

  2. So precious!!! Hug him for me!… Leo that is but Dave can have a hug too! Poor sick baby hope he gets better soon!

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