getting big

As of yesterday Leo now has two teeth!  We spotted the next one coming through, on the bottom.  Leo also waved bye yesterday – a first doing it on his own!  I was pretty excited when Dave told me he did it and proceeded to wave at Leo in our kitchen until he finally humored me and waved back.  He also climbed up the stairs for the first time yesterday.  He and I were sitting at the bottom and Leo heard Dave talking upstairs and started climbing up to find him.  He made it halfway before he tuckered out.

Other noteworthy things: Leo now sits up in the shopping cart

(at Sam’s Club stocking up on essentials such as cheese, spinach, and greek yogurt)

 and he’s working on his modeling career – he’s really got that “staring off into the distance” look down.

He’s pulling himself up on everything, especially the baby gate and his crib.  He loves to stand at the baby gate and shake it while yelling (not angry or fussy, just yelling).  And he’s taken to standing in his crib at naptimes, sometimes chucking his pacifier and Mr. Carrot over the side (at which point he promptly gets remorseful and starts crying in despair).  He’s still army crawling, although he’ll make a few movements on hands and knees before he drops to his belly.  In just about 2 weeks he’ll be 10 months… can’t imagine all the changes that will happen between now and then!


5 thoughts on “getting big

  1. My friend who has a baby in NYC says he wants to climb up the stairs all. the. time. And their house is too old and unique to find a gate that will fit on the bottom!

    I love the baby Zoolander look 🙂

  2. He’s getting so big!
    I like the anecdote about Leo waving. I have found myself doing the silliest and most repetitive things to elicit a specific response from Max. He’s wise to me, though, and really makes me work for it.:) I am clearly a source of great humor to him. Parenting is funny like that.:)

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