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d.i.y. update

An update on the d.i.y. projects around here:

shampoo: Still love it!

deodorant: Dave liked this, but he needed an antiperspirant, so he switched to Tom’s of Maine.  I was going to make a batch for myself, but with the warmer temps right now, I’d need to store the deodorant in the fridge (coconut oil has a low melting point).  I knew I would forget to put on deodorant if I did that, so for now I’m using Arm and Hammer Naturals deodorant.  It doesn’t have aluminum, which is important to me (aluminum has been linked to breast cancer) and it smells like clean laundry.  Love it!

dishwasher detergent: We still use this!  We do have to make sure to rinse the dishes pretty well before they go in, but they come out clean!  We also use a little white vinegar in the rinse chamber.

laundry detergent: We do still use this, but not as widely as we did.  I use this detergent for washing Leo’s diapers, which is still about 4 loads (or more) a week.  We use regular detergent for Dave and I’s clothes.  I found that this detergent wasn’t getting stains out well, so I switched.  However, if I were just better about pre-treating stains, I think we could still use this detergent exclusively.

This isn’t exactly d.i.y., but I’ve instituted a cleaning schedule for myself.  I genuinely enjoy housework, but with Leo and a full-time job, it’s really hard to fit it all in.  I end up scrambling when people are coming over or just being generally frustrated about the state of the house.  So I took a lesson from my mom and made a schedule.

  • Mondays: bathrooms (we have one and a half)
  • Tuesdays: off (generally my day I’m in the office and gone from 6am to 7pm)
  • Wednesdays: dust
  • Thursdays: sweeper floors
  • Fridays: leftovers (do anything I didn’t get done Monday-Thursday)
  • Saturday: off/miscellaneous/yardwork
  • Sunday: sweeper kitchen/dining room and steam mop

Most jobs take 30ish minutes, so they’re not hard to squeeze in somewhere during the day.  And the kitchen and dining room floors get hit twice a week, which is a huge help, since they get gross the fastest.  So far I’ve held the schedule for a little over a week and it’s gone really well!

Throughout the week I also do laundry and try to pick-up here and there, but that’s way easier to do on the fly.

What d.i.y. projects have you done lately?  Do you keep a cleaning schedule?



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