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the hedges, part ii

Way back two years ago when Dave and I moved in to our house, we (with a lot of help from family) spent a long day cleaning out the bushes that ran alongside the outside of our fence.  Since then, we’ve had a constant battle with these bushes.  We love how tall they are and the extra privacy they give our backyard – it definitely gives our backyard a more secluded feel.  But they’re not very full, which leaves them kind of stick-ish and bedraggled looking, even when they’re trimmed.  They’re really weedy, especially with maple trees, because it’s hard to weed between them and so we don’t see the weed until the maple tree is (literally) 3 feet or more tall.  Plus they grow fast and crowd the sidewalk.  Overall, they just were a nuisance.  We really only liked them from the inside of our backyard, when you could just see the tops.  But from outside, they were a constant source of maintenance and stress and a little bit of an eyesore.

On Monday, we decided the privacy factor of the bushes wasn’t ultimately worth the hassle of them anymore.


Lots o’ bushes (they look a lot fuller here than they were in person).


So clean!

We actually still have a lot of work to do.  There is a smaller section of bushes in the back alley we need to clear out.  We also need to finish cleaning up the ground here – digging out the stumps, getting remnants and weeds and trash out.  But it’s a start – a big start!

And the mess in front of our house:

We’re hoping the stumps will come out fairly easily after a good rain (or a good soaking with the hose).  If not, we’ll have to hire someone I guess?  Hope not!

What house projects – outside or inside – have you worked on lately?


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  1. We bought a house on Friday and spent all weekend working on it and moving in. One project included trimming some large tree branches off the house…and to get them from scratching the master bedroom window! Yard work is HARD! hehe

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