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memorial day weekend


Trail run at the nearby park that turned into a party on the blanket with Leo and Dave.  Deer flies have started to return.  I am not pleased.

A frozen yogurt place has opened in town.  Heaven help our budget.

Worked on teaching Leo sign language (more, drink, and all done).  He finds it fascinating.

When asking if “do you want more puffs?” the answer is always “yes!”


4.5 mile run with Leo

potato brown butter “noodles” are AMAZING.

Weeding.  Weeding weeding weeding.


7 mile run with Leo

Leo’s 9 month pictures (can’t wait to see them!).  Despite all our best efforts, he either completely ignored us and the photographer, or gave serious stares.  Or cried.  There were a few smiles in there, but regardless, I’m sure they’ll be adorable!

Watched the movie United about the Manchester United soccer team.  Surprisingly really good.


Oh, you know, just a little yardwork.

Okay, a freakin lot of yardwork.  Good thing brush pickup is this week (oh please come, trucks, and don’t let this mess sit there forever…).  More on that project later… when it’s finished.  Dave spent much of Saturday and all day Sunday working on the yard.  I helped out when Leo napped or while he spent a few hours with grandma and grandpa.  Dave has been working SO hard and doing a really awesome job!

What did you do this Memorial Day weekend?


5 thoughts on “memorial day weekend

  1. Do you get to leave the branches in your street like that? We trimmed a ton of shrubs at our house this weekend and have to stuff them into garbage bags! That just adds to the joy of yardwork. But it’s nice to have a yard and plants to upkeep! We worked on our summer tans and spent A LOT of time in the water! Actually glad for a break from the sun today.

  2. We’re trying sign language, too! They are really good about it at daycare, and I’m trying to practice at home. However, when Miles mimics the signs they all look the same – just opening and closing of the hands very excitedly.

    And I hear you on the fro you – it has gotten crazy in FW, and I crave it all the time. To top it off, this weekend I saw that we are getting a Menchies.

  3. The picture stare/cry/serious phase…yeah we are still totally there and she’s almost 2!
    Oh well…it’s an early lesson to us that we can’t expect our babies/toddlers/kids to ‘perform’, you know?
    That’s not fair to them and we’re setting them up with unrealistic expectations! (this was a lightbulb moment for us a few weeks ago during a sermon our pastor did over the book Enemies of the Heart – I totally recommend!!!)

    And FroYo?
    Next time we visit let’s make that part of our trip 🙂

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