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me: 9 months postpartum

I’ve seen other bloggers do a post like this so yep, I’m going to be a follower. 

I’ve heard lots of people talk about how you’ll drop all the pregnancy weight (and then some) breastfeeding.  This sounded awesome to me.  And easy.  Yes, please!  Unfortunately (and wouldn’t you know it), this has not been the case for me.  One week out of delivery, I was within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight.  This was not from breastfeeding.  It was from getting Leo and all his accompanying goods out the door.  Two weeks out of delivery I was at my pre-pregnancy weight.  Score, right?  Well, kind of.  I was happy to be back down, but I had been 8-10 pounds higher than I wanted to be when I got pregnant (3 marathons in 3 months will, actually, sometimes make you gain weight rather than lose it.  Strange phenonmenon.).  So basically I was at my pre-pregnancy weight, but not my “feel-good” weight.  My body was also shaped differently.  As in no general tone or musculature, except maybe in my legs.  My abs felt really floppy.  I’ve never had stellar abs anyway, but this was a whole new level of floppiness.

I’m still at the same weight I was two weeks post-delivery.  It’s weird, because the weight will not budge.  I can eat really well for a week and exercise or I can eat whatever I want and not move much and the scale stays just about the same.  I’ve done a little research and I think it’s possible that your body holds on to weight when you’re breastfeeding to try to feed your supply.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it seems the likeliest story for why healthy diet and exercise don’t seem to have an effect on me.  (Disclaimer: naturally, the scale is not the be-all-end-all.  I just want to be at a place where I feel confident and strong.)

However, one thing has been working lately.  Since I’ve started the Moms Into Fitness dvds, I’ve noticed that I feel more toned.  My stomach feels a little less floppy.  My arms and shoulders feel stronger.  Dave says he’s noticed the changes too!

Right now I’m not paying attention to the scale.  If my body needs the weight to feed Leo, so be it.  I honestly don’t care what weight I”m at anyway – it’s more about how I feel and where I feel my best physically and mentally.  I am loving doing the Moms Into Fitness – both because it’s new and different but also because I can see changes.  Case in point: my runs recently have felt awesome and I honestly think it’s because my whole body is stronger now.

So, all this was a little scattered but the general gist: I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight but not exactly the weight I want to be at but I’m working on muscle toning and not worrying about a few extra pounds.  I’ll tackle them post-breastfeeding, if necessary.

Okay, I know I have some moms out there and also some brand-new moms.  So, moms: how was losing the pregnancy weight for you?  I know it can be encouraging for new moms to read a variety of stories – it was for me!


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  1. Hey Kim! Glad things are going well for you.
    I have been doing Moms Into Fitness for 6 to 8 weeks now. Not very diligently though. Probably on average only 3 times a week. I have a desire to get back to pre-pregnancy weight but more than that…just to fit back into my old clothes comfortable again. It is NOT happening as fast as I would like. Trying not to get too discouraged about it. But…man I wish the “breastfeeding makes you drop ALL the weight” was true for me.
    The really bad part is that we come back to America in a little over a week and I have a bad habit of putting on extra lbs. when visiting the states because I can eat ice cream and all kinds of other goodies that we don’t get in Taiwan.
    So, I guess Jai You to me…I will just try to keep plugging away and will have to be more cautious this summer! Jai You to you too! (Jai You is an encouraging phrase in Chinese. Its like…Keep it up! I think the literal translation is–Add Oil. When you want to win or accomplish something…you just need to add a little fuel!)

  2. I am 11 weeks… almost 12 weeks post pregnancy and haven’t made it to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am about 9-10 pounds away. I gained a total of 29 pounds and like you said I seem to be stuck. I haven’t really been doing a great job of watching what I was eating… I mean I am/was doing ok. I started doing that this week so hopefully I see some movement on the scale.

    My cousin told me right out that she hung onto her last 10 pounds all while she breastfed both her kids. Then when she stopped breastfeeding the 10 pounds fell right off. She said that despite everything she did they didn’t come off until she stopped.

    I guess I just wish I could fit into my old jeans. But I have a feeling I am a long ways away from that. Even when the last 10 pounds comes off they still won’t fit I don’t think…. because I feel like my tummy is still flabby too.

  3. I was pretty overweight when I got pregnant, gained too much weight (40 lbs) and then had problems with breast feeding and milk supply. I tried to eat healthy but ate a lot of fats my first 2 months postpartum. At 8 weeks I started running regularly again, at 4 months I was down to my pre pregnancy weight and also decided to focus on getting myself healthy as opposed to focusing on milk supply solely. It was a difficult decision but over the following 6 months I got down to a healthy weight and have been able to maintain it for about a year. Sacrifices had to be made but it was the right decision for my family and I think we’re better because of it.

  4. You look great! The number on the scale always plays with my mind but it’s so much more important how you feel.

    I lost 20lbs really quick but those pesky 12 stuck around for a while. I was down to pre-pregnancy weight by 4.5 months pp. When I hit 6 months, I think the breastfeeding weightloss kicked in because I lost 5 more pounds. I really think that anyone who loses a huge amount of weight due to breastfeeding is not eating enough to make up for those additional calories they’re burning. My goal now is to tone up a bit more!

  5. I am not a mom but relate to the gaining weight during marathon training fun-ness. I am happy you like those DVDs and are feeling more toned! It is really about how you feel! 🙂

  6. I gained a fair amount of weight with each of my three pregnancies – closer to the 40-50 lbs. range even with eating pretty healthy (I do have large 9-10 lb. babies which adds more weight from everything to baby to placenta to fluid – my doctors always comment that my placentas are very large – weird, I know) . I’ve never stressed about it all that much. I figure it took me 9 months to put it on and so I give myself 9-12 months to lose it. I always have, and there are the occasional stubborn last 5 pounds that come and go, but if I stop eating so much ice cream, it makes it easier to lose those last few pounds. I’m more about feeling comfortable in my body. I did struggle more after my first one and realizing that my body had in fact changed a fair amount since pre-pregnancy. My hips were a bit wider and I no longer had those lovely flat abs (that was the hardest one for me). But even with a little floppier tummy, I’m happy with who I am as long as I am doing what i need to do to take care of myself – getting enough exercise and eating mostly healthy.

  7. I love you 🙂 You are so awesome!
    I remember losing the weight from Mylin (about 35 lbs) in about 4-5 months with the same phenomena – I was at the pre-pregnancy weight, but my body was different 😦
    This time I’ve gained 40 (and am officially MORE pregnant than I ever was with Mylin – COME ON BABY GET HERE!) and I’m worried it won’t come off as quickly as it did the first time…
    Tell me about the dvd’s – what do you do, who recommended them, etc – they sound awesome!
    I do like delivering babies while it’s so lovely outside…not that I like to ‘show off’ my newly postpartum body, but that the heat and the outdoor and exercise opportunities are higher and that’s helpful for me physically, mentally, and emotionally!

    Speaking of, as soon as Little Miss wakes up we are headed to the backyard to the pool so I can try to rock out my big tan again today since Wee One has not yet shown up!

  8. you are doing great! I love that you love MIF too! I think she is great and the workouts do tone you up for sure…I totally feel it! I understand about the prepregnancy weight stuff:) I lost weight faster with my second than the first. I got down to my goal weight like you said, but that tummy just wasn’t the same for me. MIF and Jillian have helped a little:) haha! I might try running some…you are my inspiration. Thanks for being so honest:) love ya girl!

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