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I’m actually a little ashamed to admit this, but here goes.

On Monday night Leo was scooting around on the kitchen floor and when I picked him up, I noticed the front of his onesie was all dirty.  Like really dirty.  I was pretty grossed out because I had just steam mopped the night before so I thought the floor was pretty clean.  After Leo went to bed, I tackled the floor.  First I mopped it with a dishsoap/vinegar solution.  Then I used an abrasive soap and a nylon-bristle brush and scrubbed the whole floor.  I rinsed mopped it twice, then steam mopped it three times.  I figured that had to be one clean floor, right?  But when I rubbed a white towel across the linoleum, it came up really dirty.  Still.  I was pretty grossed out and frustrated, considering I had just spent 2 hours mopping and scrubbing!

I did a little googling and talked to my mom.  Last night I mopped the floors again with straight up ammonia (the smell brought me back to my high school hairlighting days).  I ended up mopping with the ammonia twice.  I let the ammonia sit for 15 minutes, then mopped with vinegar water.  The water was so brown I had to get new water halfway through!  Then I mopped it again with vinegar water.  After that I wiped the floor with an old bath towel.  Then I steam mopped the floor.  And then I had Dave come down and rub a white towel all over to see how things looked.


I’m going to be riding that clean floor high for a long time.  I’m also going to be way more diligent about regularly steam mopping!  (Although I like to think that part of the dirt build-up was left by the former owners so it’s not all ours… but maybe that’s just even grosser that we’re living with others’ dirty remains.)

Dave had a great night, too – he finally got a perfect rating on a Mario Cart race he’s been trying to beat!  He’s been working on this for awhile!

What do you have to confess?


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  1. Where do you get straight up ammonia? Is that Mosie/Leo safe? Our tile floors always just look kind of grody, no matter how much I steam mop. Maybe I need to start with a good deep clean too.

    1. Walmart. I did it after Leo was in bed, opened all the windows, and penned Mosie upstairs. The vinegar/water solution cuts out the ammonia smell, so after I rinsed with that, the ammonia reek was gone.

  2. I would hate to see what would come up if we found a safe way to clean-clean our hardwood floors. We steam mop them but they are still not clean-clean. Arg.

  3. This makes me curious about how dirty my floors are! Now that my son is eating off them, I’m more motivated than ever to mop them. Maybe I should try the white towel test…

  4. Good job, Dave 🙂
    Have you guys heard of Norwex? It feels like it’s becoming a rage down here in Bluffton – it’s all about cleaning with natural products – like literally just cloths and water (I think there is silver in the cloths)
    Anyways – I haven’t footed the bill to actually buy the cloths…but have watched the demonstrations and it feels like all my friends are swearing by them!
    Worth looking into I think!

  5. i’m interested in the wood floor cleaning process, too! i just had a giant hole repaired in my ceiling, which left drywall dust everywhere. i can’t seem to get the floors shiny again. 😦

  6. I am so happy you posted this. Our linoleium (yuck) floor is atrocious. There are parts of it that we cannot even get clean!

    Confession: I only clean when people are coming over! ha ah ha.

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