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giggles and a workout

The best thing to come home to?

The cutest little gigglebox!

Earlier this week I did a new Moms Into Fitness video (still part of the free videos I got for signing up on the website).  The first video was a HIIT workout, which was decently challenging.  This second one – a cardio workout – was even more difficult!  It started with a warm-up and then you did 1 minute of each of the following (in a row, without a break):

  • wide-leg burpees
  • mountain climbers
  • tuck jumps
  • mini suicides
  • plank to pik (get in a plank position up on your hands.  Jump your feet to the side, then back to plank, then to the other side, then back to plank, etc.)

You repeat the sequence 3 times, with a 30 second break between each set.  I’ve done this video a few times but have yet to get through the whole thing without taking a break!  I like the challenge though and definitely plan on keeping both of these videos in my exercise routine.  Because they’re 20 minutes they’re easy to throw in on a day when I don’t have much time or to supplement a run.  I can also combine them both for a really great workout!

What’s had you laughing lately?  Or what’s been challenging you?