a day in the life: 9 months

Leo’s 9 months!  We’ve had a lot of big “firsts” happen recently, most while we were gone in Tennessee.

On the move: Leo start army crawling in Tennessee and with the help of my parents’ wood floors, he got fast!  He’s definitely picked up speed here at home, too.  He chases balls, Mosie, our feet, pieces of paper, air vents… nothing is safe!  Well, that’s not completely true.  We haven’t had to hardcore baby-proof yet because while he’s curious, he’s still semi-oblivious to things, too.  I can’t remember the last time I saw Leo laying on his back playing.  He’s either sitting up, on his belly, crawling, or walking with our hands.  His motto seems to be “let’s do something!”

First tooth: Considering Dave and I have been playing the “maybe he’s teething?” game since about 6 months, it’s pretty funny that we completely missed Leo’s first tooth until he bit me while nursing.  That sure got my attention!  He’s got a little fang coming through on the bottom left.

Eating us out of house and home: We have Leo’s 9 month appointment on Thursday and I’m ridiculously excited about it.  He’s really packed on the pounds lately.  He’s even got a belly!  Our once oh-so-skinny little guy is now considerably more solid.  I’m really excited to see what he weighs in at!  Leo’s still eating some baby food purees, but also eats part of whatever meal we’re having.  He’s had roasted parsnips, vegetable soup, lentil spaghetti sauce and noodles, pancakes, etc.  Other new foods: cheerios (he loves), eggs (also loves), greek yogurt, and cheese (all time favorite).  He’s also started drinking water out of a sippy cup.

Standing: Leo has just started (as in yesterday) successfully pulling himself up.  The windowsill is the perfect height for him to grab and when he gets up, he can see all the cars.  He loves it!

Playing: Leo has gotten really interactive with play.  He pulls the blanket off his head in peek-a-boo, plays hide-and-go-seek with Dave, chases me down the hallway, and imitates noises we make (he’ll sing, blow raspberries, or say “ah!”).  We don’t really have to work for the belly laughs anymore – he makes himself giggle with games.

Favorites: Mosie, cheese, peek-a-boo, standing and walking, his yellow singing soccer ball, the book “Adorable You,” Mr. Carrot (sleeptime essential), being tickled, and bath times.

Formula: We’re still using formula still but most days I just supplement the before-bed feeding and that’s been working really well.

Schedule: Leo wakes up around 5:30am every morning without fail.  We’ve tried multiple different bedtimes in hopes he would sleep later but this seems to be his natural wake-up time, so we’re rolling with it.  Generally he plays in his crib, fussing on and off, until 6am, when we get him up.  He nurses, gets his diaper changed, and then we go downstairs for breakfast (oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit).  After breakfast he plays.  Around 9 or 9:30 he goes down for a nap.  He sleeps about 1.5 hours but will play in his crib for another 20-30 minutes after he wakes up.  He gets back up around 11 or 11:30.  At 11:30 he nurses, then we have lunch (a veggie, a fruit, some cheerios or torn up pancake).  Afterwards he plays.  This might be in the bouncer, crawling around, reading books, chasing balls, walking around, going for a walk, etc.    At 2 or 2:30 he’s back down for nap.  This one is 1.5 hours, too.  He’s up around 4:30 and we nurse, then have dinner (a veggie, some of our dinner, some finger food).  After dinner we take a family walk, read books, play on the floor.  At 7pm I nurse Leo and then give him a formula chaser.  Then he’s out for the night.  95% of nights and naps Leo goes down without any fussing which is, frankly, super awesome!  He’s a really good sleeper!

Happy 9 months, Leo!  We love you!

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  1. I love hearing how interactive and happy he is! So so so so fun!

    And I noticed on a Facebook pic that other day how much bigger he is getting (re: the belly)! 🙂

  2. Who is this boy?! He has grown up in a month for sure. My prediction is he will be walking in a month!!!!

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