over the weekend

  • Leo turned 9 months!  (day in the life post will be this week)
  • Leo and I went on a morning fun run with family (sister-in-law and brother-to-be-in-law)
  • Brown butter soba noodles.  Crazy good!
  • I went to the grocery store and halfway through getting checked out realized I hadn’t brought my wallet.  Fail.  Dave drove back and paid for them – luckily they put them behind the counter and we didn’t have to re-shop!
  • Decaf coffee and a book out on the balcony in the morning while Leo naps = complete amazingness
  • Sea salt honey butter popcorn
  • Kiddie pool with water in the backyard – big fun!

What were your weekend highlights?


7 thoughts on “over the weekend

  1. I just wish he had a few more ducks… It a crying shame how parents today don’t provide rubber ducks in kiddie pools in the backyard.

  2. Look at Leo – so big! I love his little belly.

    I told Mark this weekend that we have to get a little kid pool. Mostly for me but for Miles, too. I’m thinking we can just hang out in the water this weekend.

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