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I’m not running (much) right now, but I’ve gone ahead and signed up for another race:

The Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon!  I heard about this from a friend (thanks, Emily!) and then saw it pop up on some blogs.  It’s nearby, modestly priced, and I loved the idea of doing a women’s-only race.  Plus, I’m hoping some of my friends will be running it and it can be a fun weekend together!

I also have the Presque Isle Marathon in Erie, PA for September 16 – running it with my sister.  I haven’t signed up yet (neither has she) but have plans to do so before the end of May (then the entry fee goes up).  I’m a little nervous about another marathon, but doing it with Kelly will be lots of fun (and hopefully not involve puke like last time).  We’ll be starting our training at roughly the same place running-wise, which will make it fun, even though our “training together” will be long-distance.

What races do you have coming up?  Have you done a women’s only race?


5 thoughts on “signing up

  1. That sounds like so much fun. I’ve always wanted to do the Nike women’s Marathon in San Francisco but it hadn’t been in the cards for me yet. Maybe 2014. Ha

  2. I have done a race called Women Run the Cities. It’s a 10 mile race in the twin cities. I loved it. It was actually the first time I had ever ran 10 miles before. It was a couple years ago.

  3. Ooo, that was my first thought – I hope there is no puke at the marathon this time! 🙂

    That women’s only half sounds so cool! And it’s on my anniversary! I hope we are somewhere fun then… we need to get our act together for that…

  4. I did the Disney Princess Half back in 2009 and loved it! I have a July 4th 4 milers scheduled and the NYC Marathon in November. I’m looking for a half marathon this Fall and have to make a final decision soon.

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