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since we’ve been gone

Dave, Leo, and I returned home on Friday night after being gone almost two weeks.  We were very happy to get home, get out of the car, and get back in our normal routine.  We had an amazing time in Tennessee hanging out with my parents!  My dad had quadruple bypass surgery in mid-April, so we were going down to see him, hang out, and help out any way we could.  Turns out my parents didn’t need too much help, so we mainly provided entertainment in the form of Leo.  My dad was starting to get his energy back, so we spent a lot of time in the living room, with Leo playing on the floor in front of dad’s chair.  I got to spend some time in the kitchen with my mom as she explored new recipes.  My dad is on a strict diet right now pertaining to sugars, fats, and sodium intake, but my mom found some killer-good recipes to fit the bill.  And we also got out for some walks and runs in the hills.  Leo got some sink baths, too.

The drain was especially fascinating.

The sink was a really popular place for Leo.  My sister discovered he could be an excellent helper with washing dishes and he definitely wanted in on that fun!

Outside of the sink Leo got some patty-cake time with Oma

And reading time with Aunt Jill

It was the perfect vacation for us.  We had time to relax, we ate really well, and we got lots and lots of time with family (who we don’t see near enough).  That’s a pretty broad overview of our trip, but this post would be forever-long if I got into specifics!  I’ll post more later about Mother’s Day and about all the crazy new changes Leo went through in the last two weeks!  But today, it’s back to work!

What new things happened for you these past few weeks?


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  1. I love the pics of Leo in the sink! AHH!!! TOO CUTE!

    So happy to hear your dad is getting his energy back. How long does he have to be on that strict diet? Is it permanent?

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