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April ended with 86 miles.  I had two races – the Cleveland Towpath half marathon and the Carmel marathon.  I had some ups and downs with running – an easy 20 miles (split up between morning and night), a hard 12 miles on my birthday.  And after the Carmel marathon I decided to take a break from running.  I’ve done a little, but mostly I’ve been focusing on walking and work out videos (Essentrics, Moms into Fitness, and 30 Day Shred).  It’s been a lot of fun to not worry about weekly mileage or training plans.  I’ve also really loved trying new workouts!  I know I’ll get back into running again, but for the moment it’s been fun to take a break.

How was your April for working out?


3 thoughts on “april running

  1. Yah, my April pretty much sucked the big one. I had my half marathon on 4/1 and I’ve been in this stupid boot for about 2 1/2 weeks now. May will have to be better!

  2. You took a break from running and still logged more miles than me (albeit by 3). I think it’s fun to mix up workouts when you’re not training. If you haven’t already, check out the library for some new-to-you options.

    April was decent – I had a good half, ran a 5K with a friend and did instructor training. I’m thinking May is going to be better, though!

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