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how I’ve been working out

Last week I talked about taking a break from running for a bit, or at least just branching out into other exercises.  So since then, here’s how I’ve been working out:

I was going to do sprints on Sunday morning but I really didn’t feel like it, so I did the 30 Day Shred instead.  I forgot how brutal that is at the beginning, compounded by the fact that I haven’t done strength work since I got pregnant… or maybe before (it’s never been a strong suit).  The cardio portion of the video was fine but the strength aspect… yowza.  I got schooled.

It was also really good to do Essentrics again.  The standing work hurts and is really uncomfortable (probably proof that I need to do it more), but the floorwork feels amazing.  It really loosens up my hips and ribs.  I love it!  Dave did part of it with me and said he could really tell a difference in his legs.  Even the splits work was doable – it’s modified enough that even if you can’t remotely get in the splits (like me), you can still get the stretches.

Dave and Leo and I are currently on our way to Tennessee to see my parents.  My dad had quadruple bypass surgery two weeks ago and we’re heading down for a visit!  I’m really looking forward to walking and hiking in Tennessee – it’ll be warm and there are lots of awesome trails and parks to hit up!

How have you been working out lately?


One thought on “how I’ve been working out

  1. Hey way to go! I started the 30 day shred on Friday after doing moms into fitness for about 16 weeks. I loved MIF but wanted to try something different. I found that my MIF was more challenging than the 30day shred!!!! Here is the website if anyone is interested in 4free workouts plus warm up cool down and abs:) http://www.momsintofitness.com
    Are we suppose to do the 30 day shred everyday? I am doing it every other day…I did a MIF workout today on my rest day;) Hehehe!!!!

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