taking a walk break

I took Leo out for a stroller run this morning that ended up being more of a stroller walk.  It was a really pretty morning – cool but not cold, a little sunny, very quiet and spring-like.  We walked for about 30 minutes and in that time I decided to take a break from running, or at least from running every day.  Lately I’ve been running because I “should” but not because I really want to.  I dread runs, I don’t enjoy them, I get easily frustrated if I run slow or feel tired.  I’m glad I did the Carmel marathon – it was a good push for me to get moving post-Leo – but the training started to be more draining than fun.  The thing is, I genuinely love running.  I just can tell I need a break and that my body is ready (and wanting) to do something else for awhile.  So instead of running, here’s how I’m planning to work out:

  • walking
  • home gym combos: free weights, planks, push ups, jumping jacks, etc.  Sort of a “make your own bootcamp.”
  • Essentrics dvd (stretching)
  • 30 Day Shred dvd
  • sprint intervals.  While long runs don’t sound appealing right now, the thought of changing it up and doing sprint intervals mixed with walking does sound really fun!

I’m really looking forward to doing other exercises and focusing on other aspects of my fitness.  I think it’s going to be fun!

Do you have any suggestions for me to try (that don’t involve a gym or classes)?


9 thoughts on “taking a walk break

  1. I found this website through a get healthy program at work (if we participate we have our health insurance contribution reduced).

    Check out the exercise library for specific exercises and instructions, or click the workout tab for already arranged fitness routines. Might be some good ideas in there for you as far as at-home strength training goes.

  2. Kim!!! I just bought the 30 day shred Dvd! Love that you are doing it too so I can talk to you about it! I did Moms Into Fitness for about 16 vweeks three to four times a was sooo good and helped me get into doing workouts at home with kids…the girls love it and Gwen even claps and gets into the workout! Anyway I think it is great you are changing things up a bit:) you go girl:)

  3. ooo! I recommend kettlebells and the Jillian Michaels kettlebell dvd!

    It’s so smart to take a break from running when you want to. So many people have a hard time doing it! Now that I am not training for anything, I find I love running the most because I just do what I want!

  4. Pilates on-line videos! “blogilates” dot com Her voice is a little annoying (hahaha) but her workouts are great! and after you’ve done a video a couple of times, you know what’s coming and you can turn down the volume.

  5. I’m back to doing Insanity again but still running. I have found that I enjoy running more while incorporating Insanity into my workout because I notice a huge difference in my running. I can run at an 8 min/mile pace a lot longer because my core is a lot stronger. So if you can get your hands on the Insanity DVDs, I highly recommend that.

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