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yesterday’s news

Last night we had potatoes and peas in red curry sauce (I used light coconut milk instead of cream, curry powder instead of paste, and opted out of the cashews and cilantro).  It needed quite a bit of salt (the recipe doesn’t really call for any), but we really liked it!

It was super easy (hello, crockpot!) and different and filling.  We served ours over brown rice and nutritional yeast, which was the best.  I loved the chewiness of the rice with it!

The biggest news of yesterday?  Leo had a weight check and came in at 15 pounds!  He’s now in the 20th percentile.  Considering we were in the 0% just two months ago, Dave and I are thrilled!  We’ll still keep avocados in his diet, but we probably won’t do them every day anymore.  We’ve been giving Leo greek yogurt (he loves it) and last night gave him cheese for the first time.  He was very happy with the cheese – and so was Mosie!  She got to eat all the scraps he dropped on the floor!  We’re hoping to try scrambled eggs sometime soon, too!

Leo’s other big news: he’s almost crawling!  Yesterday he started getting up on his elbows and knees and inch-worming forward.  Crawling is going to be so soon!

What was your news yesterday?


5 thoughts on “yesterday’s news

  1. That’s so great that Leo is gaining like crazy! Lots of new food, too—he has to be loving that. That’s funny that Mosie eats his scraps. Toby is really plumping out from all of Emitt’s dropped food, too, but Nina the cat wants nothing to do with it unless he’s eating yogurt. Then she’s all up in his business. 🙂

    I don’t think I had any big news yesterday. Oh, I got a new title at work. Not a new job, just a new title. So only half-exciting, I guess.

    Also, we’ve made that recipe a few times and I really like it but I usually add soy sauce to the crockpot mix which is probably a decent amount of salt, which I never even thought of! I’ll usually stir-fry some tofu and add it on top, too. It’s a good recipe, with modifications! Did you do all regular potato or some sweet, too?

    This is a long comment. 😉

  2. Yay! Go Leo! I would have loved to see him eating cheese and Mosie chasing after it! LOL!

    I am amazed that you put nutritional yeast on your food as a seasoning! I am still struggling with the taste of it. There are so many vegan recipes we want to try, but when they have a certain amount of nutritional yeast in it, it’s all we can taste.

    News from yesterday – I was happy to get a long-ish run in after work! 🙂

  3. Way to go, Leo! As I said this weekend, I don’t know about those growth charts. E weighed 15 pounds when he was 7 1/2 months old and he was in the 5th percentile according to my papers?? They should just let our babies be little! Regardless, I’m glad for you that he gained weight and that was your last week check, right? Our big thing yesterday is that I think we can now say that we have a toddler on our hands, literally. He’s a little shaky but he’s trying out his legs – a lot!

  4. Yay for Leo being 15 pounds!!! How exciting!! I will have to remember to fed Isaac lots of avocado when he starts eating solids.

    I will be trying a new recipe this week. Its a stew with barley and a few other things in it. You’ll have to check it out because it has kale in it and I know how much you and Dave love kale. 🙂

    My big news is also baby related. Isaac is close to 6 pounds. I am getting discouraged though because I feel like he will never fit in the cloth diapers we got him. I made an investment and got a few newborn/small ones (also got a few as a gift) and they work okay. I was also given some pre-folds and they seem to work the best but they aren’t my favorite. How big was Leo weight wise before he fit into his? Isaac has such skinny legs that I am not sure when they will work. Ugh!

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