a day in the life: 8 months

Our little goofball is 8 months!  It’s been really fun watching his personality come out.  We’re getting to know more and more about who this little guy is!  So far he’s sweet, mellow, and happy.  He’s not super chatty, although he has his moments.  He’s definitely an observer and loves to study things and watch them.  While he loves people, he tends to get overwhelmed by too many faces, especially if he doesn’t recognize them.  We suspect he might be more of an introvert.  He likes to play games – intentionally smacking my face while nursing until I pay attention, then he grins and giggles.  He’s a daddy’s boy – he loves to play games with Dave, for Dave to “walk” him around, to get tossed in the air.  He still gives me snuggles sometimes, especially at night.  When he gets excited he squeals like a piglet and kicks his legs.  He is so much fun!

Right now Leo’s schedule looks something like this:

6:30am: wakes up.  This has been a little off lately, but I think we’ve figured it out and gotten it under control.  More on that to come next week…  Once he’s up, he nurses and then eats breakfast – oatmeal with fruit (generally applesauce or bananas, but sometimes peaches, blueberries, etc.).  Afterwards he often plays in his bouncer by the kitchen while I wash up the dishes from the previous night.  Then there’s playtime on the floor, in the jumper, walking with Dave, reading books, etc.

9am-11am: down for a nap.  He might go down a little early if he’s showing signs of tiredness (fussy, scrubbing his eyes).  By 9am he’s down for his nap.  Depending on how tired he is he either goes right to sleep or he spends some time playing in his crib before conking out (something we learned now that we can spy on him).  Either way, he rarely spends time fussing and puts himself to sleep really well.  We love this.  He sleeps anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours, but is in his crib for almost the entire time.  We try not to get him up early, unless he’s really crying.  Mostly though, he sleeps or plays happily.  We have a few stuffed animals in the crib and he is thrilled to roll around with them, talking to them, picking them up.

11am: Leo gets up and nurses, then has lunch.  Lunch is a veggie followed by a bit of fruit.  He’s a really good eater and can put down a lot of food.  He loves fruits, so we always start with a veggie first and then when he gets bored, we switch to fruit.  Still, he’ll eat a good amount of the vegetable.  After he eats he’ll generally go in the bouncer while I make my lunch and eat.  Then sometimes we’ll take a walk or spend some time playing together on the floor.  Leo’s really good about playing on his own, but I try to lay down with him a couple times a day for a little bit, even if he’s playing and I’m just laying with him.

1pm-3pm: Leo goes down for a nap (same as above).

3pm: Leo gets up and nurses, then has dinner.  Dinner is a whole avocado (sometimes mixed with a veggie, like broccoli), followed by greek yogurt (sometimes mixed with sweet potato).  Afterwards is playtime!

6pm: We do our bedtime routine: diaper change in the dark with the noise machine,  and nurse in the dark.  Whether he falls asleep nursing or is still very awake when we put him down, he doesn’t fuss and goes out for the night.  Such a good boy!

Movin’: We’re getting closer to crawling!  Leo can turn in circles very well, go backward, and even inch forward on his belly.  He’s been getting up on his elbows and knees and rocking more, so I know he’s figuring it out.

Sittin’: He sits up like a pro!  He will sometimes topple, but will most of the time do a controlled fall if he goes over.  While he’s not so good that we would leave him sitting up completely unattended, he’s pretty stable.

Teethin’: Nothing!

Things he loves: his stuffed carrot (as pictured above) is his very best friend and a must-have for sleeping.  He likes to study his hands.  He loves getting thrown in the air.  Always loves to walk holding on to our hands.  He likes to play with a ball that rattles and an old cell phone (we removed the battery).  Loves his jumper, his bouncer, and the new activity table he just got from friends.  Loves to eat (when we put him in the high chair he shakes in anticipation of food… then gets very frustrated if it doesn’t come quick enough).  He likes to play a game with me where he starts squealing in a very high-pitched, loud voice.  I squeal back.  Then he squeals again.  We keep squealing in response to each other until one of us quits!  Oh, and he love, love, loves Mosie!  Unfortunately, the feeling is not so mutual.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 8 months.  It feels like Leo has always been a part of our family.  He is such a good little buddy!

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  1. Aww! I love the update! Leo is so active. Love it. I like the squealing game! My bff has a video where she is fake sneezing and her son (10 mo at the time?) keeps giggling at her. SO SO SO cute!

    And I love the carrot!

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