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The Carmel Marathon is this weekend, on Saturday.  I’m feeling unprepared and untrained for this race, despite getting in some decent long runs over the last few months.  But my training has been pretty spotty and sparse the last 6 weeks or so.  Part of it is because Leo’s morning schedule changed and he started waking up during or before my normal running time.  Part of it is because I got lazy and started using lame excuses like “I’m tired” or “it’s cold” to skip runs or postpone them (which often ended in them being skipped).  And part of it is that I work full-time and take care of Leo and so there isn’t as much time for long runs and there isn’t as much mental or physical energy for it.  Still, I want to run marathons, so none of those excuses really hold weight.  If I want to run them, I have to put in the work!

That being said, I was really discouraged after my 12 mile run last Friday.  I felt terrible during the run – tired legs, cramping stomach – and ended up walking part of it.  I seriously considered dropping down to the half marathon rather than going for the full.  I questioned my ability – physically or mentally – to do the whole marathon.

But then Monday I decided to go for it and I reworked my running schedule this week to (hopefully) help me out.  I’m treating this week as a normal training week rather than a taper week.  Frankly, I’ve done enough “tapering” the past couple weeks with low mileage and missed runs.  So I’m hoping that if I approach this week as a normal training week, my legs will be ready for a long run – typical for training – this weekend.  I may not run the whole marathon, but I’m hoping I’ll be better able to tackle most of the miles.

Monday night I ran 8.5 miles and felt really good, really strong.  That was super encouraging.  I felt liked I could have kept going, but it was getting dark and I wanted to get to bed.  Tuesday I didn’t run because I was out of the house from 6am to 7pm at the office.  Last night I put in another 5 miles and this morning 4 miles.  All of my runs were around 10 minute mile pace.  Tomorrow will be a rest and compression socks day, then Saturday the marathon!

So here’s my marathon plan:

  • Run slow.  I want to run at a pace where I can breathe very easily.  I know this will help me go farther.
  • Have fun.  Avoid getting in mental games with myself where I start psyching myself out about not being able to do it or permitting myself to walk early because I’ve already said I might.
  • Work hard.  Push through and push hard.

Have you ever run a race you didn’t feel prepared for?  How did you work it out?


6 thoughts on “marathon week

  1. You are going to do great! I have run races I didn’t feel prepared for at all and went it to have fun. I always had fun and never regretted racing. I’ve gone into race I’ve felt totally prepared for and then bombed them. I always find that my mindset dictates my day rather than my body.

  2. Girl you are doing great…Leo is 8 months and I can’t believe you are even still running as hard as you do now! Those first few months are hard, but you persevered through, so I know you will do amazing on Saturday!!! I know time is money these days, you know with kids, work, and everything esle you are suppose to do:) I will be praying for extra rest:) (leo!!!) this weekend as your marathon draws close! Love ya!

  3. Kim, you are an inspiration, working so hard and being a new mom. I know though, that in your head, you are struggling with being the runner you used to be – moslty with time and energy!

    Your plan for Saturday sounds perfect. Push, but have fun. Walk when you need to. Do what you can!

    I was unprepared for the Madison Marathon last year but ran it out of spite for the Chicago Marathon (lol). It turned out okay. I PR’d but could have run stronger.

  4. While your training might not have been what you wanted or maybe even needed, i don’t think any amount would make you feel prepared. At least in my experience recently. I’m not able to obsess over miles and paces the way I used to and I can’t remember whether I had a good week or bad week. It’s like once the run is over and I’m back to being a mom … well, it’s easy to forget I’m a runner.

    I think you’ll do swimmingly this weekend as long as you are easy on yourself – physically and mentally. Tackling the marathon distance just 8 months post-baby is an accomplishment. You’re amazing and inspire me to do more!

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