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birthday weekend

It was birthday weekend over here!  I turned 28 on Friday and took the day off work to enjoy it.  Dave and I enjoyed blueberry baked oatmeal while we fed Leo breakfast, and then I headed out for a solo long run.  I took a new path through town and out to a park.  In total I ran 12 miles.  To be honest, they didn’t feel the best.  My training the past few weeks has been spotty at best (and nonexistent at worst) and I’m unprepared for the marathon this weekend.  Still, I enjoyed the run despite my legs feeling tired.  It was a beautiful morning and I even stopped at the park to swing for a little bit!

Friday afternoon our friends Joel and Rachel and their little girl, Mylin, arrived.  We just hung out Friday – ate soba noodles with bok choy and broccoli in peanut sauce and chocolate nutella molten lava crockpot cake (amazing).  Then we watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which none of us really liked as much as we thought we would (actually I didn’t really like it very much at all).  Still, we had a lot of fun talking during the movie and hanging out.  Saturday morning we got up and Rachel cooked us an amazing breakfast – cinnamon coffee cake and avocado eggs benedict (using avocado in place of hollandaise sauce – so delicious!).

We all went for a walk to the farmer’s market and back through downtown, enjoying the warm weather and talking.  Rachel and Joel and Mylin headed back home and Dave and I got Leo down for a nap and picked up around the house.  I made a giant batch of dishwasher detergent (enough to last probably 6 months) and did some reading.

Sunday we went to church and then Dave’s parents took Leo so Dave and I could go on a birthday lunch date to Flat Top Grill and Urban Swirl frozen yogurt (mmmmmm).

Best birthday card (thanks, Jill!) – the outside:


Sweetest birthday present:

A long sleeve running shirt from Kim, a fellow blogger who I’ve only met in person one time!  I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and generosity!  Included in the package was a bag of soy curls fake meat for Dave and I to try!  I wore the shirt on my run Saturday and it was perfect for the warm weather.  AND no chafing!

All in all, one fantastic weekend.  Tons of great food (thank you, Rachel!!), a run, a date, lots of conversations and laughs with friends, and perhaps best of all, Leo smiles (in a hood, no less!).

What happened for you this weekend?  Here’s Leo’s recap of the weekend:


9 thoughts on “birthday weekend

  1. Aww! I love that video of Leo! For how long has he been able to grip things so well!

    I am so happy the package came! I was worried about it, lol. I bet the top looks super cute on you. I am happy it worked well!

    Why has your running been so spotty? Too busy? Just not feeling it?

    Yay for the Flat Top date! I love their fried bread stuff!

    Sounds like you had an AWESOME weekend. YAY! I am happy you took the day off for your birthday. No one should have to work on their birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!

    1. I forgot to say, let me know if you have questions about the soy curls! They are super easy to make. You soak them for 10 mins, then drain them and press the water out, then season and sautee them for as long as you like. We like to make them with BBQ sauce for a BBQ sanwich, or season them with fajita mix and sautee them with veggies for fajitas!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Love the video of Leo, I miss when my babies were that small!

    I watched that movie myself a few weeks ago and was definitely disappointed. I was hoping for a more emotional movie and I guess maybe it felt too artsy for me. They could have done so much more with it! (and I found myself feeling happy that the kid in the movie was not mine, which is awful!)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Glad it was a good one.

    P.S. Flat Top is the birthday place – we went there this weekend for mine.

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