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As an early birthday present Dave surprised me with a wireless camera – hooked up over Leo’s crib!  This way we can watch him in his crib (so stinkin cute!) and, more importantly, I can see Leo even when I’m at work (Leo is asleep when I leave and when I get home).

Playing with Mr. Carrot:

And conked out:

It’s been SO fun to watch him fall asleep and then to check in on him periodically.  Leo wakes up if we open the door to his room, so this satisfies my desire to watch him sleep!  And it’s been REALLY fun to check in on him while I’m at work and to see his little face… or the little bald spot on the back of his head.

Normally Leo sleeps on his back or his side.  What side do you sleep on?  I’m a back or side sleeper.  Dave’s a belly sleeper.


6 thoughts on “voyeurism

  1. Yay! I love this! Steven installed a camera in our home in 2006 when he came to visit me in Rome (so he could check in on the house). After that it became “Datacam.” LOL. It’s fun to peek in on him when we are away!

    This is a great idea to be able to check in on Leo! I bet everyone in your office thinks it’s fab!

    I sleep on my back or side 🙂

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