easter weekend

Walking with cousin Chris

Lighting peeps on fire

Silk tie dyed eggs

First Easter egg hunt with cousin Lydia

Someone wasn’t big on the egg hunting

Me and little Amelia

 First Easter basket

Amelia’s tiny Easter bunny feet

Crazy family


What were the highlights of your Easter weekend?


6 thoughts on “easter weekend

  1. Swimming, baking soft pretzels, visiting lots of family, celebrating grandma’s 87th birthday, dying easter eggs, party mix, aunt caroline’s potatoes, tickling and belly laughs!

  2. Easter weekend was the end of spring break, so it was mostly getting caught up on laundry and grocery shopping. Also, our anniversary happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year. Do you know how hard it is to find a restaurant open for dinner (because you don’t want to spend $50 a plate on brunch?)??? We went to a movie Saturday night (American Reunion – very funny!) and had dinner at Olive Garden on Sunday.

  3. Those eggs!! So cool, I have never seen that before. The highlight of mine was eating and relaxing just me, my man and my pups 🙂

  4. 3 day weekend with Joel, mushroom hunting, golfing for him/napping for me, dance mob at church, driving to michigan and forgetting the pack-n-play 🙂 being intentional about teaching Mylin about Jesus’ resurrection! Wow – is Easter gone already? I’d like another holiday weekend please…

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