new cube

I got a new cubicle at work!

My coworker, Amanda, and I moved into the big corner cubicle.  We both have a window and we can roll back and forth and talk.  My boss took it upon himself to separate the space for us, middle-school-siblings style.

 Amanda and I were roommates in college freshman year, so it’s fun to be back together – cubies instead of roomies.  Definitely makes me look forward even more to my few days in the office!  We need ideas for how to decorate that middle corner area.  Any thoughts?

Do you work in an office?  Do you have a cubicle?  An actual office?  


4 thoughts on “new cube

  1. Love the cubicle! Love that you work right with Amanda! I think a low-maintenance potted plant would look good. They have some fun pots out right now.

  2. Nice new cube, it’s a big one! I had an office at work for the past 6 years but at one point had to share an office. The office was HUGE but me and my officemate had to share a desk and stare at each other. Good thing we were friends and we had a blast listening to music while we worked.

  3. Ha ha ha! I love the tape! I think you guys should decorate with an area rug. And plants.

    I have a cubicle at work. We might be moving to desk sharing soon, since so many of us work at home and it really doesn’t make sense to have our own dedicated cubicle!

  4. I think our maintenance techs removed my tape. It wasn’t on the floor when I looked on Thursday. They also removed my big E I made to indicate where I must stand to see both Cathy and Amanda and talk to them about stuff. I guess I will have to get out the Sharpie now.

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