march reading

My March reading mainly centered around March Madness.  Dave found me an amazing basketball book from the library and it spiraled from there.

  • The Language of Baklava by Diana Abu-Jaber
Grade: A.  I love food memoirs.  Food memoirs are the best.
  • Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster
Grade: C.  The book read fast and was funny, but the language was over the top and, at times, the author was kind of annoying.
  • The Last Great Game: Duke vs. Kentucky and the 2.1 Seconds that Changed Basketball by Gene Wojciewchowski
Grade: A+.  A++++++.  I pretty much devoured this book.  It details the game of 1992, where Duke beat Kentucky in a buzzer-beater, but also talks about the history of the schools and coaches leading up to the game.  As an avid Kentucky fan (I was born in Kentucky) and a fan of Duke (my mom has always been a fan), it was glorious!
  • Full Court Pressure by Rick Pitino
Grade: D.  I love Kentucky basketball, but Rick Pitino can’t write a book.  Yikes.
  • Glory Road by Coach Don Haskins with Dan Weitzel

Grade: B+.  Well-written, but questionable coaching tactics!

What good books have you written lately?

Are you a basketball fan?  Who’s your team?


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  1. haha, I love Jen Lancaster’s books so your review is funny. Not incorrect…I feel guilty recommending it to people to read because of the language and her attitude but I love that she talks about being from Huntington and Purdue and sometimes I can definitely identify. Please don’t judge me. I love her.

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