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cleveland towpath half marathon and “business”

Dave and I headed to Cleveland this weekend for the Cleveland Towpath Half Marathon.  We stopped to see my grandma on our way.  Leo was a little fussy from being off schedule, in a new place, and with new people, but he did give his great-grandma some good smiles and showed her how he loves to walk around.  But when it came time for a picture at the end our visit, Leo was more than ready for a nap and not too happy.

We spent Saturday evening with my friends from high school and their husbands, eating an amazing dinner (Rachel and Nick made fried rice, fried tofu, and tons of amazing sushi, plus homemade ice cream and sesame seed chocolate chip cookies), and watching the Kentucky game.  Then we drove down to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to spend the night.  My nieces were still awake (and so excited to see us!).  There was some good reading time and lots of running around.

Sunday morning my sister Kelly (see her in the background, reading to Lizzie?) and I got up and out of the house by 6:30am.  We met up with Rachel, Nick, and Rebecca at the Towpath and got ready to start.  This was Rebecca’s first half marathon, so Kel and I planned to run with her and have fun.  The race started and we headed off, keeping a moderately conservative pace to begin.  At the start I thought I needed to use the bathroom but I put it off – there were only 5 port-a-potties and a really long line.  I figured it would go away as I ran, since I had already taken care of “business” before we left the house that morning.  Around mile 5 or 6 my stomach started feeling upset.  By mile 9 I could tell Kelly and Becca felt strong and were ready to keep moving, and I felt like I was fading.  I told them to go on.  I stopped around mile 10.5 or so and went to the bathroom.  I felt a lot better after that and – bonus – as I came out of the port-a-potty I caught back up with Rachel and Nick!  I ran with them the rest of the way, crossing in 2:11 flat.  I finished, grabbed my medal, and found a metal barricade to lean against and puke on.  Super.  After sitting to rest and drinking some water I felt totally fine – I think it was just my stomach’s last revenge.  Lesson learned: don’t ignor  “business” before a race.

Kel and Bec finished the race really strong – Kelly in 2:07:08 and Bec right behind her in 2:07:38!  So proud of them both – Kelly hadn’t trained at all for this race and Becca killed her 2:15 goal!  And Rachel and Nick did awesome with 2:11, despite some nagging injuries, allergies, and not tons of training.  Best of all, we all got to run together and hang out.  I wish we could have had more time (it was pretty cold so we split after the race pretty quick).  It would be fun to do another one together!

After the race we headed back to my brother’s house for homemade pasta and naan:

and then headed home.  We stopped at the rest stop for dinner – Leo loved the big windows!

And he did some car sleeping, too:

Look at those cheeks!

We got home at 7:30pm and I fed Leo and put him to bed, then dressed and headed out for another run.  I had 20 miles on the schedule, so I was hoping to do another 10.  I figured 23 miles for the day but spread out might equal about 20 miles.  The first 5.5 miles felt great – my legs felt so fresh! – but the last quarter mile was rough.  Let’s just say I only barely made it to our bathroom in time.  I headed back out and ran another 3/4 mile before my stomach started cramping again.  I turned and headed home.  I ended the run at 7 miles, 20 total for the day.  3 miles short of what I had hoped for, but I figured my dignity and my shorts were worth more than 3 miles!

How was your weekend?  What fun things did you do?


9 thoughts on “cleveland towpath half marathon and “business”

  1. Nice job on the half marathon! I hate when stomach issues happen to me during a run and I’m so impressed that you made it 20 miles with an upset tummy. I usually just want to stay in the bathroom and die :).

  2. Ugh! I am sorry your stomach was bugging you! But LOVE that you got to run with friends and see so many family members. What an awesome weekend away!

    Do tell us more about these sesame seed chocolate chip cookies!!!

  3. You are a rock start in my book for sure. Good for you for running…and running more when you got home, which I would NOT have done…but you are better. Leo’s little zip up is adorable!

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