holy half pictures

Pictures are in from the Holy Half marathon!

Dave rocking out the 10K in his Vibrams:

Leo and I:

Meanwhile, back at home…

I have another half marathon coming up this weekend at the Cleveland Towpath.  I’ll be running with friends from high school and my sister.  It’s Rebecca’s first half marathon and I’m excited to run with her (and hopefully keep up)!  I need to do my last 20 mile run for marathon training… still figuring out when exactly I’ll fit that in.  I would love to include the Towpath in the 20, but know it might not be feasible with wanting to spend time with friends and family while we’re there.  We’ll see!

What are you up to this weekend?  


8 thoughts on “holy half pictures

  1. I’m hanging out with you guys. Wahoo! And being Rebecca’s personal cheerleader. Go, Beautiful, Go!

  2. Wait. What! You are running the Towpath half this weekend? The one in Cleveland? THe one by me? The SAME ONE I AM DOING!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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