raw apple cider vinegar

I’ve been drinking a new drink lately.

Murky water?  Nope, water mixed with raw apple cider vinegar.

I read a post (via pinterest, I think) that talked about the many health benefits of drinking raw apple cider vinegar:


  • really great for your skin
  • promotes digestion
  • reduce sinus infections, colds, etc.
  • promote weight loss
  • encourages the growth of healthy bacteria within your body


I’m always skeptical of weight loss claims, so I’m not putting much stock in that one (although heck, it would be nice if it were true!).  That last point was especially big.  Dave and I have loved Kombucha drinks for the healthy bacteria (think probiotics) that they provide.  We also like the taste.  We really really don’t like the price (those suckers are expensive!).  We contemplated making our own Kombucha, but I was a little overwhelmed by the idea.  And then I saw this post, which sounded very similar to the benefits of Kombucha.  Even better – it tastes like Kombucha, at least to me!  Tart, tangy, and a little fruity!

Dave doesn’t love the taste quite as much – it’s too much tart and tang for him, so he plans on drinking his mixed in smoothies or with stevia added.  But I loooove it.  I add a couple tablespoons to a glass, add water, and drink away.  So so good and refreshing!

It’s also way cheaper.  You want to buy raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, which costs a little more, but still isn’t outrageous.  We got this bottle (32oz.) for $3.50, and we only use a little bit from it each day.

I’m only on day 2 of drinking it, so I haven’t noticed anything different, but I’ll let you know if I do.

What “weird” things have you tried lately?


8 thoughts on “raw apple cider vinegar

  1. Have you heard of Winkie Tonic? It’s like an insane natural antibiotic, killing every germ in your body. It’s made with apple cider vinegar.

  2. Yum, I need to try this! I love tart/tangy drinks and kombucha is one of my favorites!

    Also, I do brew kombucha at home…and it’s actually REALLY easy (and super cheap)! It seems intimidating at first but it’s fairly simple. If you ever decide to do it feel free to e-mail me and I can give you some pointers/tips I’ve figured out along the way!

  3. We just started drinking apple cider vinegar too. We use hot water and add a little honey to even out the tartness. I love it!

  4. I’ve done this for awhile and enjoy the refreshing feeling it gives. I was concerned about what it was doing to my teeth, so I asked my dentist who said it’s best to drink it in a short amount of time and not to brush your teeth for at least 30 minutes because it cleans off the soft deposits that support the harder enamel structure, so if you don’t wait for them to be redeposited the brush wears away at the permanent irreplaceable tooth. This is the opposite of sugary things because the sugar itself rots the enamel. He also said root beer does the least tooth damage.

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