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leo’s first half marathon

Normally Monday mornings are the reader recipe poll, but I’m changing it up a bit.  Not too long ago I mentioned I would probably be going to one blog post a day rather than two.  I’m also going to be putting the reader recipe poll on hold for a little bit.  As I balance taking care of Leo and working full-time, it’s gotten increasingly challenging to figure out dinner each night.  I’m going to try meal planning and grocery shopping each weekend so that I don’t go into the week scrambling at 5pm every night, or needing to make a quick run to the grocery store (nothing is super “quick” when taking a baby along).  While I love the reader recipe poll, the spontaneity of it isn’t the most helpful right now, so I’m pushing “pause.”  I definitely hope to bring it back and it might show up some weeks, too – who knows!  I also hope to still give at least one recipe a week!

Tomorrow I’ll share the meal plan for the week.  But first – the weekend!

On Saturday Leo completed his first half marathon – the Holy Half Marathon at Notre Dame.

We finished in 2:22:57 – not my best time, but 5 minutes faster than last year and with a jogging stroller (also my first half marathon post-partum).  The race is put on by students and a lot of students run it, so I wasn’t completely surprised to be the only runner with a stroller.  As it was, Leo got tons of compliments – all the college girl volunteers just loved him!  It also ended up being a plus for me – people were really encouraging and enthusiastic about me running with a stroller.  I got a few hearty “yeah, mom!” from the college boys along the course, too.  I even got a “that’s bad ass!”

Leo did really well on the run.  A few times I had to stop and crouch in front so he could see me again – particularly after we passed a group of loud people (he’d get a little startled).  Around mile 9 he started getting fussy so I gave him an empty water cup.  That entertained him until just before mile 12.  Then I gave him my watch to play with, which held him over until the finish.  Unfortunately, the finish really freaked him out – too many people, music, cheering!  As soon as we got him out of the stroller and into Dave’s arms he was happy again.

I felt strong most of the race, but around mile 10 started to really feel tired in my arms and chest.  I’m definitely not used to pushing a stroller when I run!  I did get a few walk breaks when the course cut through the grass, but overall Leo’s increasing fussiness toward the end helped me to keep going.  I knew a meltdown was impending!

After the race I felt good.  In the evening my calves started to get a weird cramp/twitch to them, but I put on my compression socks and it went away.  By Sunday morning my legs felt great, although I still felt tired.

Dave ran the 10K this weekend and killed it!  He ran in 52:49 (including about 3 minutes where he slowed down to run with Leo and I for a bit) and finished third in his age group!  But the best part?  He ran the whole race in his Vibrams!  He’s been really slowly building up his mileage in them, so it was exciting for him to be able to do six miles.  He did awesome!

The rest of the weekend was pretty standard: laundry, cleaning up, making baby food (carrots and spinach), church, and, of course, KENTUCKY BASKETBALL.

Tell me about your weekend!


11 thoughts on “leo’s first half marathon

  1. For the last 20 minutes I have been compiling all the extra work for you to do this week because of the Kentucky win. You will like it.

    Also, congratulations on your run. You will stomp that marathon next week.

  2. I am so, so impressed by you and by Leo too! That’s a long time to just chill in the stroller. And Dave! Running 6+ miles practically barefoot is pretty bad ass too.

  3. Wow! You are bad ass! A whole half pushing a stroller?! Way to go! That is an awesome finish time. And I did not know Dave was turning in to such a speedy runner! Congrats to him on a speedy 10K and 3rd place in his AG! I love that you all run together!!!

  4. You are bad ass! I love it! Sorry we weren’t there to care for that little man like we orignally thought 😦
    We spent the weekend mostly with Joel’s family – lots of talking, laughing, eating, and games before Kari’s surgery this week
    Also, I made 4 meals, 2 breads, and 2 desserts on Friday and have enjoyed eating most of them all weekend – the goal was to freeze them for post baby…but so far none of the desserts have made it to the freezer…

  5. That is most definitely bad ass! I have enough trouble dragging myself through a 1/2 marathon let alone pushing a jog stroller full of baby! Congrats! 🙂

  6. Congratulations Leo and Kim! I cannot believe you guys did a half-marathon with the stroller. I am in awe. Seriously in awe. I think we’ve managed about a 10K, and we’re both done after that.

  7. You and Leo did awesome!! I can’t believe you did a half marathon with the jogging stroller, you just rock! I hope my little guy doesn’t put up a jogging stroller fuss and we can do a half marathon together too.

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